Fallout 3: "360 is our lead dev platform," says Bethesda

Speaking to in London today, Bethesda marketing boss Peter Hines has confirmed that the lead development format for Fallout 3 is Xbox 360.

"The 360 is our lead development platform, so we got it working on that one first," he said. I mean, we develop them all simultaneously, but one of them's got to be the lead, so it was 360."

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M0KILLaU3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

to here this!! There is too many must have games coming out on the PS, so it's allot easier now to cut Fallout off my crowded list.

2008 is going to be the best year ever for gamers.

Phil Harrison Mklll3836d ago

Another 3rd rate P.C game i've never heard of and don't want.

The Real Joker3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Cry baby.

Bethesda proved it can program for the PS3 quite well.

Sev3836d ago

Very true death eater.

Normally this would tell me the PS3 version is gonna blow, but Bethesda proved to me with Oblivion that they can handle the PS3.

I am still on the fence about Fallout 3. I prefer classic RPG settings, it was even difficult for me when FF series got all futuristic.

kewlkat0073836d ago

Wah, wah, wah , wah....

Come on grow up..Devs are getting better with the PS3's architecture.

The 360 will always be the easier platform. As long as you think the 360 is inferior in each and every way, you'll always have superior complexes.

This is a PC game first so duhh...not a shocker totally.

Ri0tSquad3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I believe there actually taking an advantage of the Blu-Ray, streaming the disc, and using the SPUs to speed up load time and such. They did a great job on Oblivion (there first game on the PS3), it was on very early PS3 dev kits, and the PS3 version of Oblivion proved to be the faster running, faster loading and better looking version.

Not only has the extra development on Oblivion on the PS3 HELPED Bethesda, the new Sony tools have improved by a lot. It's called GCM Replay and apparently it was a tool that wasn't available when they were making Oblivion on the PS3 and they said it was trial and error without it. Basically, this tool allows them to iterate, debug, and optimize the game much faster on the PS3 then it did with Oblivion. They also can see what is going on with the PPUs and they now have better controls over the SPUs. Now that they have this wonderful tool you can bet we won't see this game delayed like it was before!

decapitator3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

This has been known for a while...well at least by me however, from what I am hearing the game will be superb on the PS3 as well as the others. The game is said to be using the Oblivion engine and you all know how well Oblivion was running on the PS3 after it was released.

Although the game is just a week or so behind the 360 and PC version, the developers have said the game will be equal across all platforms.
This is not fvcking EA or Ubisoft we are talking about here, this is Bethesda and they know their sh1t.

Meus Renaissance3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I said I'm skipping the game, and I have various reasons for that. But if I choose to skip a game because it appears that we could potentially get an inferior product then who are any of you to criticise me as if I'm refusing to buy your own game that you've developed?

"Wah wah". The irony is that you whom cant seem to construct a mature response are the one that's giving the impression of a child. I don't want the game, accept it, deal with it, and move on.

If the game is equal in terms of quality with it's 360 counter-part, I might consider it but then again I probably will not as I have other reasons, one of them being time and money.

kewlkat0073836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

even though you have some secret reason....

This game will be Fiya. Regardless of the platform. Ha!

JsonHenry3836d ago

I don't think it matters which platform is the "lead" platform when they are developing the game for all systems at the same time.

And it shouldn't matter even if the game was ported if the dev does is correctly.

I am getting this for the PC myself. I played Oblivion for a about two hours on the 360 and returned it to gamefly because it was horrible compared to the PC version. Hopefully this time around console players will not be given a lesser product.

Statix3836d ago

Judging by the visuals alone, should've tipped you off that this isn't a PS3-lead title. Nearly EVERY multiplatform game nowadays is XB360 lead-developed now, for whatever reason. That's just the way it is in today's developmental climate. What exactly did you expect?

Palodios3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

The shame of this isn't that the ps3 isn't the lead platform... the shame is that the PC isn't the lead platform. Fallout simply is a PC series, that's where its origins are. Its not that consoles shouldnt get the game, because they should ( and I'll buy one of the console versions, because I don't have a quality pc right now) but the game should definitely have had the PC as lead platform. They can't use an excuse like "we've had 360 hardware information longer".

sonarus3836d ago

90% of multiplats that work almost identical to 360 version are ports contrary to what the game producers want you to believe. This will be my first fallout and whether or not i buy it on 360 or ps3 means nothing to me. But i don't plan to miss this one. Only a slate of bad reviews will hold me back

gambare3836d ago

Just check Oblivion, it got better features than the 360 version, and they had a lot of time with the PS3 now.

MK_Red3836d ago

Dude, don't do it. Fallout 3 is not a game to miss. Believe me, it's worth it and Bethesda has said that all three versions will be identical.

This is seriously old news and while Beth did say 360 is lead, they assured everyone that other platforms won't get simple and cheap ports.

And finally, Please don't miss Fallout 3. It's one unmissable game.

Milky3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

wizard fingers

CaptainHowdy3836d ago

Betheslda also did oblivion on the 360 1st and the ps3 version ended up looking better....i just hope they release simultaneously this time

Tomdc3836d ago

yes but a lot of developers have now realised if they lead on PS3 it results in a better game for the PS3 and the 360. Still be a great game whatever console its lead on tho, and it's not really a big issue.

ZeroXMD3835d ago

Been pc as the lead. it's a pc series, bethesda has been a pc company, so it should have been a pc lead platform. OR, instead of choosing "lead" platforms, they should tailor each version to it's specific platform. That way there is no "which is better" debate. But most likely, just like all reviews, they will say "it's better on 360" like they usually do, with no reasons given whatsoever. That trend is breaking, but it's still around. I haven't played a fallout, but even with bethesda behind it, it's still prolly not going to be the same as the originals. Just like turok (screw naysayers, the new turok is awesome). Even tho it's good, it's no where near the same as the originals (again, screw naysayers, the originals kicked @SS, xcept for evolution, which was only decent)

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pp3836d ago

i don't blame them choosing the best platform

GODofDOOMS3836d ago

stop being a fanboy
god when will this console war end it so anoyying

gEnKiE3836d ago

wow, your pathetic...

Pain3836d ago

thx old gen dvd9 inferior old pile of crap RROD windows gaming machine...

KBDuB3836d ago

@GODofDOOMS - Never.. They will raise their youngins to praise one console and discriminate the other console. Sorta like Racism.. it's stupid, and people need to grow up.

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Mr_Bun3836d ago

the kind of old where you open the fridge and you can smell that something has expired but you aren't quite sure what so you start throwing out things that might be bad but probably aren't until you come across what one can only describe as "Potato looking" with what appears to be a plethora of colorful vegetables growing from it, but you know you didn't have a potato in the fridge...and yet you still haven't thrown it out.

What I am trying to say is that the story is old

iMad3836d ago

What will not change for a long time.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )


I Imagined you would have said the same thing about 360 outselling PS3 in 2008.

Primetimebt3835d ago

It can and it will if the 360 can manage to do better in europe, or japan.