Dolphin 4.0 Released - GameCube & Wii Emulator - Over 2500 Changes From Version 3.5

DSOGaming writes: "The Dolphin Emulator development team announced today the release of Dolphin 4.0 (GameCube & Wii emulator). According to the team, this new version comes with over 2500 changes from its previous build, and can be downloaded for Windows (x86 or x64), Mac OS X (>= 10.7) or Ubuntu 13.04."

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CRAIG6672439d ago

First lt me say I own a wii, but out of interest I wanted to see what dolphin could do so tries it with super mario brothers wii (this was months ago,not sure what version) but by odin's raven it was amazing, it looked on par 360,ps3 graphics, I wish my wii was so capable.
I didn't try anything else tbh honest bit I may well try this one out for a bit of geeky fun...

Tiqila2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I always wanted to try it to play Zelda Skyward Sword without them stupid motion controls, but it never happened.

I own both, Wii and Skyward Sword, just never went deeper into the story (played about 2-3 hours) because of the awkward control scheme.

Totoro172439d ago

I just imagined the voice of Smeagol while I read your post.

Azfargh2439d ago

Does not make any sense... but it does remembers Smeagol somehow...

Chard2439d ago

One step closer to getting the Rogue Squadron games to work.

rustyspoon802439d ago

Do the RS games not work on Dolphin?
I've got the old Gamecube games up in the loft somewhere. It'd be great to play them in HD.

LonDonE2439d ago

LOL AT ALF STUART!!!! your avatar is so funny, i remember when growing up watching home and away and neighbours because my sisters were addicts of both shows, its just not the same any more!
LOLOLOL classic the guy was so funny when mad

Buuhan12439d ago

Do I still need a super computer to run games perfectly on their native settings? I get it, emulation is hard, but it's real stupid that my laptop can't even run PS2 and Gamecube emulation at anything above 10 FPS when I can play many modern PC games on good settings.

TotalSynthesisX2439d ago

I know your pain. My laptop can't run Gamecube or PS2 games any faster than 50% speed. That's why I said to hell with it and ordered a gaming laptop. I can't wait til it gets here next week lol.

PJQPAC2439d ago

most laptops including "gaming laptops" are not great for PS2/NGC emulation you would be better off getting a desktop instead with a unlocked intel K series cpu and overclocking it like the intel core i5 4670K.

Kaze882439d ago

I have a computer that runs BF3 on ultra settings, but wii games on dolphin 3.5 are unplayable. Just tried Last story on dolphin 4.0...still jaggy 16-20 fps. Ill try to tick the settings but i dont think that it will work any better since it didnt on the older version.

Feralkitsune2439d ago

Some game have certain setting you need to change to run well. That is one of them, check the dolphin Wiki.

Totoro172438d ago

My gaming laptop runs both PS2 and Wii/GC emulators without a problem. I did have to spend a pretty penny (around $1800) but the fact that my gaming system is completely portable has been so worth it not to mention HDMI inputs so when I want to game at home, I just hook it up to my home theater system.

tommyhl22438d ago

That's a common misconception from people who have no idea what emulation is about. PC games and emulated games are not comparable.

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Software_Lover2439d ago

Great. I will update later.

hard joe2439d ago

why can't it recognize my ps3 and 360 controllers?