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PlayStation_42827d ago

Sony is actually going to market the PS4 fairly well, with no creepy babies!?

Sony to win next gen confirmed.

ABizzel12827d ago

I actually like the Potato Grillers (Potatoes, Bacon bits, Sour Cream, Nacho Cheese), so hopefully that will be in the big box, because it's the only way I'll get one. (The XXL Chalupa was also delicious, but they got rid of it. MORONS.)

UltimateMaster2827d ago

They should also market this in KFC, Subway and Wendy's.

They did Subway with Uncharted 3.

alien6262827d ago

taco bell did this with the ps vita

FamilyGuy2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

This is pretty cool and doubt it's just a rumor, Tacobell gave out free PS Vitas around the time of it's launch. I have a friend on PSN that actually won one.

It was one of those peel sticker on a cup things. Instant prize winners. Guess I'm gonnsa have to start buying big boxes for lunch. I'd probably cry if I won one lol.

Blacktric2827d ago

Goddammit Tyrone, get it together!

Eyeco2827d ago

Some guy on youtube posted

"This commercial is genius and beautifully done. It's a play on 2001: A Space Odyssey, where the baby doll represents the star child which, in the movie, represents the future of mankind. the PS3 represents the ominous black box that you see at the end of the film. Gah! I love it."

In that sense it's a pretty amazing metaphor, it works well as a teaser, but it really wasn't to great of an advert because of how obscure the theme was.

XisThatKid2826d ago

I understand not what the b**** is all about, Taco Bell held contests and promoted Xbox brands with no problem and the Vita thing I believe was and isolated incident. One bad promo doesn't brand it for life look at Sony's bad rep a year ago or/and two. And no TB never gave me Toco squirts but I have ate some pretty disgusting things from there.

ginsunuva2827d ago

Well they did do Vita giveaways at Taco Bell too.

lilbrat232827d ago

Yes they did and they also failed on that when their system was hacked and people were told they were winners when they were not.

Godlovesgamers2827d ago

True. Craigslist is giving away PSVita's as well. You can snag one for about $120, like new, mint condition and usually with a game, memory card or both included!

Deadpoolio2827d ago

Does nobody remember that Diarrhea dog food bell did the exact same thing with the Vita and that got so screwed up there were actually lawsuits and whatnot when the employees started stealing the codes and then Dog food bell started trying to claim actual winners weren't winners

NarooN2827d ago

LOL yes. I remember that. There was a huge outrage.

Winner: Yay, I won!
Winner 2: Me too!
Taco Bell: LOL NO U

It was the most jacked-up sweepstakes ever.

AngelicIceDiamond2827d ago

Thank god no creepy babies or creepy alien looking girl.

This is a great first marketing ploy from Sony. They need to make the message clear and to the point come this holiday.

lilbrat232827d ago

I don't know I remember the Vita promotion that went ape sh*t after a few people won it and were told they didn't win.

Guwapo772827d ago

Who wants daily mudd butt at merely a chance to win a PS4? I'm good, I'll wait till Nov 15th.

FamilyGuy2826d ago

I think you read the title wrong, it doesn't say McDonald's or Chipotle.

Guwapo772826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Taco Bell is a no go for me bro, I get sick every time.

Lior2827d ago

What the hell is Taco Bell? In uk?

Heisenburger2827d ago

You see, after the great food wars the only chain to survive was Taco Bell.

So every restaurant, diner, so on and so forth is 'Taco Bell'.

Simon says Be Well.

Whore_Mouth2826d ago

@Heisenburger Sounds like someone doesn't know how to use the three sea shells.

XisThatKid2826d ago

You sir Heisenburger gets +1 nice! I Loled!

Rimeskeem2827d ago

Just remember people saying the xbox one will win next gen globally is saying half life 3 will be confirmed in the next year

awesomeperson2826d ago

Well, they did hire that new marketing team. May have something to do with the lack of creepy babies this generation.

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jhoward5852827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Ok, this gives a new meaning to the phrase "Run for the border"

TheUndertaker852827d ago

If so hopefully it's done differently than the Vita promotion Sony did with Taco Bell. Employees screwing paying customers isn't cool.

TheUndertaker852827d ago

Taco Bell employees were taking the codes and using them, thus invalidating codes

Later they also denied prizes, even for many legit winners

Deadpoolio2827d ago

Exactly why go with Diarrhea bell after that poorly handled Vita promotion. Between the employees stealing and redeeming the codes and the actual company trying to claim that winners weren't actually winners, why go through them again? That Vita promotion was a cluster

Ketzicorn2827d ago

Did Taco Bell just give you diarrhea or something? You seem very upset about something that's not that serious.

maniacmayhem2827d ago

Time to get some Gordita crunches!

Deadpoolio2827d ago

Better stop and get some anti diarrhea medicine on your way home with that grade-f dog meat from Diarrhea bell....Maybe some Pepto also their food is disgusting

Lwhit62827d ago Show
Majin-vegeta2827d ago

Oh well sux for you.They're food is awesome.

Relientk772827d ago

Omg I love their gordita crunches lol

Idba2827d ago

I bet Taco Bell will se a 50% customer increase now

T22827d ago

They need it . Arent they part of the pizza hut, kfc company ??
Hard times for them

vigilante_man2827d ago

I'm thinking of flying to the US just to eat there!!!

Double_O_Revan2827d ago

I don't think taking an expensive trip just so you can intentionally get food poisoning and diarrhea for the CHANCE of winning a PS4 is a smart move.

vigilante_man2827d ago

Ok. I just changed my mind!!

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