Killing Nazis Still Fun in Wolfenstein: The New Order (TGS Hands-On | Game Revolution)

"It's harder, it's less convenient, but I grew to love it and remembered why I first fell in love with Wolfenstein way back in the day." -GR at the Tokyo Game Show, playing Wolfenstein

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Bolts2825d ago

They need to have a skill requirement for gaming journalist because I'm tired of watching totally shit off screen vids.

SaturdayNightBeaver2825d ago

Can't say i liked it, this guy didn't even show anything..
LOL i love how he is stuck and does not know where to go.
That could mean we will have to play the game and think a little too.No retarded arrow to show mads where to go..

knifefight2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

To be fair, being plunked into the middle of an unreleased game with no explanation given to you, in the middle of a convention center, and you've only got a 5 minute timer before someone kicks you out...
is a little different than playing in your living room ;)

I mean look at how little the other 2 TGS preview on N4G say:


Basically nothing. "It's a good looking shooter to keep an eye on!" And? =/

It seems like given the situation, there's not much anyone can really dig up on this one.