Retro-Styled Platformer 'I Am Level' Free For a Limited Time

The Indie Game Magazine Mobile: 'As I touched upon with this article about the excellent Life of Pixel, the indie portrayal of ‘retro’ really is rather predictable and pedestrian. There’s only so many times I can see a brand new SNES or NES inspired indie game and stifle my sigh of boredom. It’s been done.
However, what does still excite me is when indies go off the beaten track for their retro inspiration — in this instance, the stark, vivid colours of popular 80s computer ZX Spectrum. Smiling Bag Games have shown just how well this visual style has aged with their new game I Am Level, a platformer for iOS and Android which is available to download absolutely free until October. You can see for yourself how great the game looks in the trailer below.'

- Matt Suckley

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