Japan Game Awards 2013 Future Division Winners Announced: Titanfall, Deep Down, MGS5 and Eight More

Like every year, during a ceremony held at Tokyo Game Show, the CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association) announced the winners the Japan Game Awards Future Division, intended to spotlight yet unreleased games voted by visitors at the show and then judged by the association's committee.

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Ohlmay2825d ago

Titanfall and Battlefield 4 beat Killzone Shadow Fall... Killzone can't catch a break.

ABeastNamedTariq2825d ago

Care to elaborate?

Why can't KZ "catch a break"? What negative news has been associated with it?

Some games win awards, some lose them.

Ohlmay2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

It's not an insult or negativity towards Killzone, just pointing out that Killzone has yet to win an award.

Edit: I'm just pointing out a fact, I'm looking forward to Killzone, no need to get upset.

Muffins12232825d ago

When he says killzone cant catch a break he dose not mean its getting negative news, he means killzone series has never be really in the spot light...all the talk is gotten from halo, call of duty , battlefield, etc. He is just saying that the franchise did not get enough awards or attention.

ABizzel12825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I get why.

BF4 does more than any other FPS I can think of. Amazing ground combat, amazing air combat, amazing naval combat. It's basically a realistic version of Warhawk (Warhawk is still one of my favorite games this gen)

TitanFall is all about agility and movement, and fast pace action, making it a spiritual evolution to COD (COD + Tribes + Hawken)

While I enjoy Killzone. Killzone is Killzone and it's not doing them any favors by showing off the same scenes over and over again. The multiplayer is standard FPS fare, with an insane amount of customizations.

FPS live by their multiplayer and of the 3 I would have to say BF4 and TitanFall seem to be evolutions to FPS genre, while Killzone is perfecting the FPS formula. That being said Killzone will likely have the better single player campaign. It's unfair, but multiplayer is the more important component to most FPS gamers.

I think all 3 will be great games.


BF4 > TitanFall (multi) = Killzone (single) > COD:G = Blacklight Retribution (F2P)


Nothing negative, just nothing mindblowingly positive about it either. Graphically it's probably the best looking consoles FPS. Gameplay wise they've done a lot such as open environment, and the Owl assist. But no one will be able to give Killzone a fair read until they played the entire single player campaign, because that's where their (Killzone) main focus and changes to the FPS genre are taking place. Multiplayer-wise it's perfecting the FPS genre, but BF4 breaks the FPS mold with all the ways you can play, and TitanFall does so with the way it plays. Their demos showed this off well, but Killzone can't without potential spoilers.

No offense to Killzone because again I enjoy Killzone. They just need a different demo that's all. I'm sure all 3 will be great games.

DeadManIV2825d ago

I think i can agree with that

ABeastNamedTariq2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

True, true, you have a point. I'll be buying all three games, they each have their good aspects and bad aspects.

Based on Oh's comment history, he's a troll/fanboy. And "catch a break" implies that a steady string of negative news previously happened, you know? Although I wouldn't call losing an award like this negative.

Lol I just wanted some clarification from him.


And now I have it.

ABizzel12825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


I rarely look at someone's comment history unless they're flatout trolling, or have 1 bubble and trying to say something positive.

I thought he was being genuine, but if he was trolling then I get your response to him. I think Killzone will be just fine, I enjoyed all the single player campaigns, and had fun with the multiplayer. I think Shadow Fall is really trying to live up to the "Halo Killer" that Killzone was claimed to be with all the openess, and so far it looks like it could deliver on that (hopefully without losing it's identity in the process). I want to see more of Killzone, I'm sure all of Sony's first party studios are moving up to the "Naughty Dog level" with this generation. Killzone looks good (want to see their New IP blow me away), Resogun look good, inFamous: SS looks amazing, need to see more from The Order, and I can't wait for the other studios.

cvflyboy2825d ago


That was a really good post. bubbles for you. I can definitely agree with that. Even though bf4 doesn't look as pretty on consoles compared to KZ, the game is dynamic enough to earn my 60$

Salooh2825d ago

Killzone shadowfall looks awesome and better then BF4 and titanfall but the gameplay doesn't feel refreshing like KZ2 . It's still gonna be great though. I'm buying all the 3 so i'm not comparing hehehe :P

GiggMan2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

@Abizzle, I agree somewhat.

This would all be irrelevant if Killzone would have just built on all it's iterations. If Killzone Shadow Fall was a combinations of all the best things from Killzone 2 & 3 I believe it would be the best shooter released for some time.

Can you imagine Killzone SF if Guerrilla would have expanded on the exosuits and jetpacks from KZ 3 with KZ2 gameplay? At 60FPS just like TitanFall, with better graphics and in my opinion gameplay? Everyone is all over TitanFall because of the fast play, jet packs and mechs. KZ did this and got rid of it for some reason.

Honestly TitianFall would have nothing on KZ if Guerrilla would have went that route instead. I'm looking forward to all 3 by the way...

ABizzel12825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


I didn't know they got rid of the jetpacks and I don't understand why.

I felt KZ2 was the best gameplay wise it just felt right, and it was a refreshing take on the FPS genre. KZ3 went to COD for my taste, but the jetpacks, and the classes were expanded and I liked that.

I agree a blend of the two would likely be best, and made it as good, if they balanced the jetpack (it was a bit overpowered).

I'd still think BF4 does more, and TitanFall has the momentum advantage, but KZ would be right there with them.

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JackStraw2825d ago

you're not pointing out a fact lol. you're just trying to start sh*t and stir people up.

"can't catch a break"

what break does it need to catch? most people who plan on buying a ps4 are going to get the game. that's all it cares to do. not every game is going to win 18347298237 awards and be GOTY 100 times over.
some games are just games, and that's what their fans like.

Hicken2825d ago

Killzone not winning an award doesn't equate to not catching a break.

Not catching a break would be news of delays and performance issues, feature cuts and so on, all happening in short order.

When you can't catch a break, bad things just keep happening to you. Bad things don't keep happening to Killzone.

Stop trolling.

Irishguy952825d ago

It does kind of, it needs the spotlighting BF and TitanFall are getting. It's not getting it, KZ SF is just in an unlucky position in that TF and BF4 look too good gameplay wise, while Killzone is just being the standard affair.

bsquwhere2825d ago

Irishguy95...the only standard around here is your trolling and sh!t talking. Why don't you venture over to the Xbox pages and shut up.

ForgivenZombie2825d ago

I think Killzone and Destiny should be on the list, but, it is Japan.

Eonjay2825d ago

Strange thing is that TitanFall is winning a lot of awards, but it has never been shown on anything other than PC. So basically its a PC game thats winning the awards. We have seen ZERO Xbox one footage. On a side note this is great news for PC gamer because PC is obviously the lead platform and will obviously be the best version as everything else will be a port.

Irishguy952825d ago

It's not getting awards for how it looks though. The gameplay is getting the awards. therefore: your comment isn't really relevant.

Eonjay2825d ago

@Irishguy it is relevant that the so called Xbox exclusive has only been shown on PC.

Irishguy952825d ago

Nah, you see, PC version is the best version. Why would a dev show a worse looking version so far? It was only recently DICE showed the Ps4 version of BF4, because the PC version is superior. Titanfall is still further off to release than BF4.

So, eh...yeah your comment is irrelevant. Gameplay is what matters and is being praised with Titanfall, not graphics. Is there something wrong with the Xbone version? No. They aren't showing it because they don't want to yet. Just like DICE with BF4.

bsquwhere2825d ago

@irishguy95 but but the cloud is what makes Titanfall so awesome. Why you insist on trolling is beyond me.

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ssj272825d ago

KILLZONE SHADOW FALL will win awards once it launch, no need to win demo awards .. last time I check games like rage have won awards on the shows but is a average game at the end meant noting.

KILLZONE SHADOW FALL - BATTLEFIELD 4 - CODG are the fps to get untill next year DESTINY - HALO and the next COD and who knows what else.

So technically KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is in a good position, is a good game and seems amazing FUN! and it looks better than anything else out there so there is nothing to worry about in here.

CGI-Quality2825d ago

You make things out of nothing. He only asked you to elaborate.

I think you get as defensive as you do because the things accused of you are probably spot on. But hey, your bubbles have left you.

Anyway, good to see MGS and Deep Down receiving some love next to TitanFall and BF4.

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mdluffy2825d ago

Killzone is getting super hyped almost everywhere, but why can't it win a single award?
There must be something going wrong, sad to see for killzone fans.
hope to see more off the singleplayer soon.

Hicken2825d ago

If there was something going wrong, why wouldn't it be in the headlines by now?

Irishguy952825d ago

There's nothing wrong with it, it'll likely be a great game. But it's main draw for standing out among the crowd of Next gen shooters is the graphics. Titanfall is being constantly praised for it's gameplay and so is BF4. Titanfall more so from what i've seen. KZ is being said to be fun. Same as last gen. It's not doing anything particularly outstanding gameplay wise.

Belking2825d ago

Nothing wrong with it. Just not better than BF4 and titan Fall. It's the same old killzone with sharper graphics and the the same gameplay.

Supermax2825d ago

Killzone will be super fun I think people now adays want bigger battles when it comes to multiplayer there looking forward to 32 v 32 in bf4 titanfalls big battles.

Mr-SellJack2825d ago

never knew kh 3 was shown...
who cares about e3,tgs awards?remember Rage,BF3?that were overhyped to the limit...nothing except gr8 hype and a good showing gets a game awards

PositiveEmotions2825d ago

Seems the ps4 won one game lol the others were pretty much multi console ones

filipakos2825d ago

Dont forget that unlike MS,SONY is still supporting ps3

ZHZ902825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

It doesn't matter.

All in that list, excpet for Titanfall and Puzzles and Dragon Z, are still playable on PS consoles and it doesn't matter whether Exclusive or Multi what matter is that these are still great PS games.

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