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Jordan has been testing out GTA V, see what he thought

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Mattmcgoogan2071d ago

What is it exactly from this review that makes Jordan an "idiot"?

Goro2072d ago

Anyone who gives this masterpiece less than a 9.5/10 doesn't deserve to live...

CapsLocke2072d ago

You are so pathetic, how can you even live like that.

Goro2072d ago

Yeah because i was so serious

Ice2071d ago

Capslocke would like us to call the wambulance and get them some French cries for being so sensitive

3-4-52071d ago

8.4 is a good score. It means the game is a really good game and you should most likely play it.

I personally would give it like 9.4, possibly 9.6 if the online is really good as well.

No game is a 10.

Drakesfortune2072d ago

Game is fantastic....deserves all the accolades it get.

However that been said...the only thing that could of been better for me is the actual story. Now im not hating and saying it is bad because it really isnt. I just feel it could of been so much more. For example with the size of the world there could of been more heist more conspiracies would of been cool to use the tips we have from doing the heist to do individual heist with each character.

anyway goty for me

andrewer2072d ago

What's the problem with a 8.4 review? You guys got used to get so many 10 from this that can't even take a 8.4, that is not bad at all? I would only give 10 to very very few games, like Shadow of the Colossus and Zelda Ocarina of Time, so I think 10 is really being misused with GTA V.

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The story is too old to be commented.