Non-mainstream games from Tokyo Game Show 2013

Most of these games, unfortunately, will require a degree of proficiency in Japanese to be played.

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adventureghost1241855d ago

Well these are brands I know, I'll give it that, but they didn't have to give it such a hipster title

Hicken1855d ago

Have to draw in the hits somehow, yeah?

Canary1855d ago

How is it a hipster title?

Those are not mainstream games. They are niche games.

adventureghost1241855d ago

I say that because they are games it doesn't make them any worse or better than "mainstream" titles. And its not like they were categorizing them as niche. It's like if a friend went up to you and asked "Hey you want a Hershey bar?" and you replied "Ha I don't need that MAINSTREAM unoriginal candy when I have my far superior Fig Newton Bar!YEAH!"

Pozzle1855d ago


But calling niche titles "non-mainstream" isn't an insult. The author isn't implying that niche titles are any better or worse than mainstream titles. They're just bringing attention to the games that might have gotten ignored at TGS because they aren't big-name titles.