Beyond: Two Souls Production Budget Revealed to be 27 Million Dollars

Hardcore Gamer: It was revealed that the production budget of Beyond: Two Souls was 20 million euros (just over 27 million dollars). For comparison, Heavy Rain cost 16.7 million euros to produce (22.2 million dollars).

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Ezz20133047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

that's cool and will buy it day 1 since i'm huge fan of indigo prophecy and heavy rain

but i just can't believe how good it look
it almost have next gen gfx
i always thought TLOU have the best gfx on consoles
but seeing this game
i'm not sure what to think any more

HardcoreGamer3047d ago

CANNOT GET ANY HARDCORE GAMER THAN THAT, BUT really they shouldnt spend too much,

Army_of_Darkness3047d ago

$27 million ain't that much compared to gta5's $200 million budget. So I'm impressed considering how great it looks so far.

Tontus3047d ago

It doesn't look that good to me, other than the characters faces. As disappointing as it was God of War: Ascension has the best visuals on current gen consoles, TLoU is gorgeous but fairly often looks a little muddy with aliasing & pop-in issues.

A $27 million budget is quite expensive really considering that doesn't include the marketing budget which will probably bring the total cost up to $35-$40 million.

Hope the game's good, still not impressed but Heavy Rain was decent so it should hopefully be at least as good.

Ezz20133047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

yes GOWA was not the game i thought it would be after that EPIC
God of war 3 game
but damn GOW:A GFX are sooo good for 7 years old console and of course TLOU
but i don't agree with you on Beyond GFX though
i really like Beyond gfx alot ..look very very good to me
maybe you would change your mind when you play it
who knows right ?! :)

Inception3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

$27 million is quite 'cheap' to me, considering they hired very popular hollywood actor/actrees such as Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page to do the voice & mo-cap. Also Hans Zimmer to compose the music.

"Hope the game's good, still not impressed but Heavy Rain was decent so it should hopefully be at least as good."

Obviously Heavy Rain is not everybody cup of tea. So if you don't impressed with Heavy Rain than i don't know if you will on this one...

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

best people, maybe, not sure about the rest, i mean looks great, but not tlou great

doesn't matter though, because either way it looks amazing

mr-phillips3047d ago

27 million for hours of content sounds cool. They should easily make a profit with about 2 million sales.

omi25p3047d ago

I doubt it will do more than break even.

DigitalRaptor3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

What makes you think that?

omi25p3046d ago

sony has a habit of not advertising exclusives that Arent made by Naughty Dog

Bigpappy3047d ago

27 Million for hours of QTE. Story has to be really, really good.

mr-phillips3047d ago

I personally like a wide variety of games everything from Ace attorney to spec ops the line Heavy rain seemed like an old school point and click adventure game to me nice for a change of pace.

kreate3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

If games like the walking dead receives game of the year.
Im sure this game would be fine.

hulk_bash19873047d ago

Still on my must buy list for next month, along with Rain and Arkham Origins. Heres hoping for it to sell as well if not better than Heavy Rain. I loved that game and Indigo Prophecy alot.

FlameHawk3047d ago

I'm guessing it should at least sell 1 mil and maybe a total of $40 each and make $40 mil, so it should be profitable.

shivvy243047d ago

Heavy rain sold 3million and sony made $100million off the sales so I reckon its gonna make it

DigitalRaptor3047d ago

Was just gonna post about that. 1 million sales would probably break the project even.

Salooh3047d ago

At least for first month :
1 million * 60 dollars = 60 million .
60 million - 27 = 33 million profit .

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