Dark Souls 2’ director changes stance on potential PS4 and Xbox One ports

Yui Tanimura has changed his stance regarding the potential PS4 and Xbox One ports of the upcoming multiplatform video game, “Dark Souls 2.” In an interview with Eurogamer on Sept. 19, the game disclosed that he and the rest of his colleagues at From Software has not “rule out” the action role-playing title appearing for the two next-generation systems down the road.

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ZHZ902826d ago

That'll be intersting to see this game on next gen consoles.

Jack_Of_All_Blades2826d ago

Agreed, I'd absolutely love this on the PS4!!

brish2826d ago

I was going to wait a while before getting a ps4 until there was a good selection of games for it.

If Dark Souls II goes to ps4 I'll buy a ps4 just to play Dark Souls II on it.

Harmonizer2826d ago

Given that a PC version is allready in the making, a next-gen console version shouldn't be too hard to make. All depends on possible sales on those new platforms.

Neixus2826d ago

Indeed, i'm really grateful that Next-gen shares the same architecture as PCs

Grave2826d ago

looks like Ill be getting 3 separate copies then.

mav8052826d ago

I certainly hope From ends up doing it, I'd prefer to buy games for next gen over current gen systems.

JP13692826d ago

Someone doesn't think you actually like what you said you like.

mav8052826d ago

Lol, oh well.

I figure even with minimum enhancements we could get better framerate and textures on next-gen.

JP13692826d ago

I'm waiting and hoping for next-gen versions of both GTA 5 and DS2. All I care for is better frame rates and draw distances. GTA 5 especially looks like it could benefit from more memory to cure that texture pop-in.

stuna12826d ago

If going by potential next console sales it could actually be a good move to release on next gen consoles! I for one don't believe it's going to impact this gens console sales, if anything I think it'll boost next gen console sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.