Awesome PS4 Accessories You Should Consider Getting

PS4Home: "Even though the PlayStation 4 is without a doubt one of the most powerful and fully-featured consoles to ever be released (up to this point), you are still probably going to need to add some peripheral devices to it."

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NobleRed2826d ago

This article is garbage especially when the writer is talking about a 3,5 inch hard disc drive in a ps4:

,,In short, if you’re the type of gamer that prefers to install titles and tends to play a lot of games (either recreationally or in some professional capacity), having the option to pick up a new, larger hard drive that can be easily installed is really great news.''

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AgentSmithPS42826d ago

Can someone please verify that the PS4 controller will work right out of the box without charging the wireless battery as long as you plug the USB cable in?

Will the dualshock 4's battery charge while you're playing a game with it as long as it's plugged in? I assume you should unplug it after it's charged or it might reduce the DS4's life?

dantesparda2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Yes, dont worry about it, the PS4 will charge the controller while plugged in through the USB while playing your games. I think on the PS4 it'll also charge the controllers while the system is off to

AgentSmithPS42825d ago

Cool thanks.

My xbox was killed by lightning, possibly because even though it was "off" I think it was set to download in partially on mode or something. My PC was off and it didn't get hurt at all but my modem was fried too.

I recommend that everyone gets a "whole house surge protector" AND a great plug in SP too because one isn't enough as I learned...

I'm not sure which brands etc are best but at the very least buy a warranty that covers lightning if you don't want to spend the few hundred to get all the stuff.

MAULxx2826d ago

That would be so awesome but given the small size of the PS4, I'm assuming 2.5" is stock HDD. I would love to see 3.5" though.