My top 5 next-gen titles

With the arrival of the Xbox One and PS4 just around the corner, here are Sam Hewitt of Level Complete's top 5 eagerly awaited titles for the consoles.

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Rask2828d ago

My top 5:

1 - Kingdom Hearts 3
2 - Final Fantasy XV
3 - Destiny
4 - inFAMOUS Second Son
5 - Metal Gear Solid V

Eonjay2828d ago

My kind of gamer right there.

Kayant2828d ago

Nice list :)

Mine would be -

1. Star wars Battlefront
2. The witcher 3
3. I:SS
4. Rime
5. Final Fantasy XV

Top 5 is too short :p

gaelic_laoch2828d ago

My Top 5 PS4

1 BF4
2 Titanfall
4 Deep Down
5 Destiny

gaelic_laoch2827d ago

Why not? There has been no confirmation they are not coming to PS4.

RexFury2828d ago

It was hard picking my top 5 but a few was close runners, such as:

The Evil Within (This game looks stupidly scary)
Infamous Second Son

I am also looking forward to seeing more information on both Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break.

DunDee9102828d ago

I signed in just so I could say how much I dislike this list.

RexFury2828d ago

That's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What would your top 5 be then? Sadly this will be my last comment on here due to the restrictions.

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