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Who HASN’T heard of the Grand Theft Auto series? GTA is arguably the largest series in gaming, and almost everyone on the planet has at least heard of the series, with a large number having played at least one of the series’ games. Grand Theft Auto V is the latest release, and is bigger, better and more advanced than every GTA which came before it.

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Ezio20482827d ago

I dont understand one thing, gta v ps3 on metacritic has an average of 97.75 still it is shown as 97 instead of 98. metacritic sucks big time.

Software_Lover2827d ago

Is it really that detrimental to your life?

Yes, yrs it does suck.

I_am_Batman2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Dude it's huge. It's almost a whole percentage point. It means that GTA V is better than GTA IV on Xbox 360 but it's the other way around on the PS3. Also it means that GTA V on PS3 is worse than Super Mario Galaxy./jk

Ezio20482827d ago

that's what I'm saying you idiot that is not one whole point less.....its 97.75 which makes it 98 but metacritic is stupid as hell

spicelicka2827d ago

there's also less reviews. Actually it's weird how there's sooo many review out already, yet metacritic only has like 40.