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Bugs in Oblivion

Apparently not all of the bugs have been fixed.

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✔ Fixed
Bad Editing
Apparently not all of the bugs have be fixed.
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TrevorPhillips3889d ago

what can u do man the game is big

v1c1ous3889d ago

and a shovel was clipping through a barrel in a second floor room.

i noticed it because when i went into the house, it sounded like a tractor truck was destroying a building upstairs.

i went to the 2nd floor, noticed the shovel and it was flinging everything in the room everywhere at hella high speeds.

Yi-Long3889d ago

... and the only 'bug' I got so far was getting stuck between a rock and a wall... and couldnt get out of it.

Anyway,it looks like an awesome game, so I'm now in the process of finding mods that make it run smoother and look better etc.

pp3889d ago

what on PS3 i wouldn't be surprised

thisguywithhair3889d ago

There is a mouse cursor. Pay attention.

Ali_The_Brit3889d ago

yeh man you FAIL miserably,

and theres bugs in the 360 and ps3 version why the feck would the PS3 hardware be to blame u silly [email protected] its the game itself, anyway i have ps3 goty and yes theres some damn annoyings bugs, get off your asses bethesda, like the one where the orc falls off the bridge so you cant buy the best house in the game, or the one where a dutches can randomly get killed so you cant complete a daedric shrine quest, and because of that the last shrine quest too.

Garrison3889d ago

That doesn't take away from the game really, as these bugs are really mostly ramdom things that happen from time to time or framerate drops in a certain area.
But overall, this is a 100+ hours of gameplay type of game, nothing to complain about really.

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The story is too old to be commented.