Check Out the Charming Booth “Companions” of Tokyo Game Show 2013

In the west they call them “booth babes”, and lately they faced a lot of hostility and scorn from the media. In Japan they’re more subtly named “companions”, and the local media has no qualms in celebrating them.

Here are several tens of pictures (and links to hundreds more) showing you what they look like.

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Mr-SellJack2072d ago

Quite..Kojima-San!!!Yes!Yeah!W ooh!

majiebeast2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

I cant handle all these waifu's.

Okay am i the only one who thinks the girl in the picture looks like Kojima's sister?

Abriael2072d ago

She does!

I wouldn't mind having Hideo as a brother in law...

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