Shuhei Yoshida: Phones Have Hurt Handheld Market “Quite Badly”,

As we found out today, Sony underestimated the amount of attention that the PlayStation Vita TV would be getting from gamers in the West, and they are “of course” thinking of launching it in the US and Europe.

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Snookies122826d ago

That's exactly why I refuse to play/buy any phone games whatsoever. I fully support handheld gaming.

iamnsuperman2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Well by doing that you are not supporting any new developer trying to make it. Mobile gaming is now the first step. You need recognition to really succeed on consoles and mobiles (of course as well as PC) can do that.

I also think it is a natural progression. Mobile gaming is the next step for handheld gaming. Handheld devices just cost too much. It is far easier and cheaper to get a phone on contract and game that way. Mobile phones are not quite there yet but with online game streaming services and tech in smart phones improving it wont be long till we see it replacing handheld devices (natural evolution/progression that is hard to ignore)

abzdine2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

i hate playing on phones or tablets, those games are for retards..
make burgers, angry birds.. this is the low end of entertainment (not gaming) for me.
EDIT: And that's also why Sony have to focus on hardcore gamers cause those gamers don't change the way they are playing games..

Vitalogy2826d ago

"Mobile gaming is now the first step"

I believe that the first step is being commited, have a good plan, clear presentation to publishers of what your plan is and do your job well, not releasing €1~€2 crappy games for mobiles to get a freeway to handheld.

NYC_Gamer2826d ago

Why skip over a quality mobile game just because of some loyalty to handhelds?

Vitalogy2826d ago

I'm sure I see ovni's more often than quality mobile games.

Insomnia_842826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )


Seriously, I actually bought two mobile games to try after a friend told me about them, Modern Combat 4 and Asphalt 8. While this games are entertaining the controls ruin the whole experience! Nothing tops two joysticks and buttons, NOTHING! And even Total Recoil on the Playstation Vita is much much better than on phones, I have this game and after many hours of playing(kind of addictive game btw) I looked for it in the app store, I downloaded it to compare and ..NO! JUST NO! Even Total Recoil with such simple controls is way better on the Vita, controller inputs and graphics.

I'm 23hr 38mns into Killzone Mercenary and that portable experience cannot be achieved in any other handheld on the market, the whole gaming experience on PSV is unique. I wish more games follow KZ principles, true console gaming wherever you go.

Seriuosly, Angry Birds? Temple Run? Subway Surfers? EFFING CANDY CRUSH???? ...NO.

nukeitall2826d ago

I said PS Vita was pretty much doomed when announced, and time has consistently proven that.

Young children usually do not carry a smartphone, hence the 3DS makes sense. However, the older crowd carries a smart phone, and that has games, and a lot of other things to dominate their time.

As such, PS Vita is a bad value proposition, especially at that cost and the poor selection of games.

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ABeastNamedTariq2826d ago

It's like...$30 (?) more than the 3DS now. And it has a wide array of games, with even more to come. Certainly not a bad value proposition to me. Especially with the features it offers, one of which being remote play (HUGE for me). It's like carrying a PS4 in your pocket.


dude just stop. the ps vitas struggles have nothing to do with a what youre saying. it only really struggles because it started out at a very high price point and didnt have as much quality software as the (already year old) 3ds had at the time. it has nothing to do with the vitas lack of a proper audience.

you supposedly foretold that the vita would struggle and gave a finite list of reasons. while the vita is in fact struggling, your reasons are way off. you didnt call anything.

MadMen2826d ago

Snookies, thats nice and all , but you will lose that war.

Its inevitable, we as gamers, average or Hardcore are vastly out numbered by the reg joe, who will buy games on their phone and not invest in handhelds and consoles.

Thats Life

s45gr322826d ago

I don't know the 3DS has a large library similar to that of a smartphone gaming library ; whereas, the vita is the only mobile device to offer console like gaming on the go. Sadly console like gaming does not work for people on the go. Besides smartphone gaming offers more than angry birds and candy crush here is a few games worth your while :

Contra revolution
Final Fantasy dimensions
Asphalt franchise

Lots and lots of emulators for the n64, nes, snes, and even ps one.

3-4-52826d ago

Water always finds it's level.

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nick3092826d ago

They need to do a ps vita phone, that will appeal to casual markets. They will need to change the prices of vita games to appeal to casual markets.

s45gr322826d ago

That is exactly what everyone expect the vita to do from the start. So your statement is on point pretty much you nail it on the head.

TheDivine2826d ago

That and they need to allow more mobile games on vita. There's a ton of amazing mobile games, most are bad due to lack of buttons which would be amazing on vita. It would bolster the library overnight. Dues Ex The Fall, Modern Combat, Nova 3, Bastion, Kotor, exc. The two markets shouldn't segmented into mobile and handheld but merge. Yes handheld games are generally better but there's still good mobile games that would be great as appropriately priced psn titles.

Full 40 dollar console like games and smaller dd games.

telekineticmantis2826d ago

you should of made vita into a phone.

Chrono2826d ago

They did make Xperia Play, but it didn't solve the problem.

telekineticmantis2826d ago

Xperia play and Vita are two different products. The Vita is essentially the PSP2, PSP sold over 60 million units, more than any Sony phone. The name recognition alone is what sells Vita, then the capabilities of a Next Gen handheld. The point is Sony has to recognize who their audience is, they are selling to a mch more mature audience than the 3DS, which means Nintendo can use little gimmicks to sell their handheld, Sony has to comply to the needs of a mature audience, which means social aspects. Therefore it has to replace the devices they already use for social purposes=Cell phones. To spell it out, it had to be a phone plus next gen game machine in order to outdue the Iphone/Galaxy/Etc.

s45gr322826d ago

That is due to the fact that the xperia play only allowed the user to play ps one games not psp games or vita games. If Sony would of transfer and continue to supply games like vita style games market it for the xperia play; Sony would of been profiting and taken control of the mobile market not only besting Nintendo but also besting it's smartphone competition.

jcnba282826d ago

They already tried that with the Xperia Play and it failed.

s45gr322826d ago

It failed due to lack of games and marketing campaign. Just the ability to play ps one games did not help the xperia play at all plus poor marketing does not help either.

cero552826d ago

3ds proves this theory wrong,its just that the vita got off to a bad start.

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