PS3 Cell Performance Comparison

Cell is compared to other CPUs

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kmis874461d ago

Sounds powerful, just wish I could understand what it says.

FordGTGuy4461d ago

they are comparing it to a bunch of computer cpus why not compare it to the 360 cpu?

kmis874461d ago

I think the group doing this comparison is more concerned about applications of the cell processor that don't involve gaming, hence the lack of comparison to the xenos processor.

HyperBear4461d ago

If only i knew what all that meant, I could really give a sh!t. That says nothing about nothing about the PS3, just that the processor can do this that PC's cant. Doesnt show anything of how PS3 is good, or esp. the games. You dont buy a video game system for the processor, you buy it for the games. BIG WHOOPIE DO. (But it light of my response, PS3 has some good games, so it kinda works out).

eques judicii4461d ago

this is for medical work i think... but i could be wrong. Doesn't mean this is good for gaming... and it definitely is not comparing this to any other multithread processors (which would be more relevant)

its probably a document to try to persuade the higher ups to upgrade their currect cpus so that they can be more "cutting edge"

that being said... the cell processor will probably be the way of the future, but I will wait until they are able to manufacture them efficiently and inexpensively before I ever get one for my computer. (don't need my spu's dying on me)

Marriot VP4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

yah guys, just wait a couple more months are you'll have and other reputable organizations comparing the two consoles. Rather than PSM thinking absolutely everything about the PS3 is da bomb and nothing comes close to it. And yah OXM does some of that too, it is magazine's responsibility to promote their exclusive console their representing. The more they applaud it the more money they get from selling mags

It'll be nice to finally have all the cards layed down on the table. All I know is the difference is marginal. What matters most is the kind of games you want.

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The story is too old to be commented.