PS4 or Xbox One? We Poll The Tokyo Game Show

Kotaku - "Though the PlayStation 4 comes out in Japan next February and the Xbox One doesn't have a specific release date here, this Tokyo Game Show is all about the showdown between these two consoles. So, on the first day TGS was open to the public, we asked folks which one they plan to buy."

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Catoplepas3469d ago

"What's an Xbox?"

Japan's attitude to the One nicely condensed there....

pyramidshead3469d ago

inb4: Rigged/biased/sonyfanboys etc

HammadTheBeast3469d ago

Microsoft: "Xbox sold well in Japan".


ABizzel13469d ago

Wow. I'm not really surprised, but I expected at least 1 person to say Xbox.

But Sony also needs to take note here. They need to get a good Japanese line-up of games on the console, because there were quite a few neither in there as well.

Gozer3469d ago

And Japanese devs wonder why the west is kicking their ass in game development. I would take a western dev over a Japanese dev anyday.

And if I were MS, I wouldn't hold back any stock to send to Japan. They have already spoken about western consoles. Why waste time on them?

gaffyh3469d ago

@Gozer - And that is why you are not MS.

MS needs a Japanese presence no matter what, because if not, the majority of Japanese Devs won't support them with those niche titles that get a cult following. They won't give up on Japan and they shouldn't.

pyramidshead3469d ago

Pretty sure everyone read that comment the wrong way judging by the disagrees lol. I was preempting the heckling MS fanboys usually throw out when any poll favours the PS4 :p.

ABizzel13469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

lol at the 10 disagrees. What is there to disagree about my comment.

Part 1
There are nearly 2 million 360's sold in Japan, changes are there were people at TGS who was interested in it.

Part 2
A few people said neither in the video....


xHeavYx3469d ago

Doesn't matter where you ask, L.A. (E3), Seattle (Pax), Germany ( gamescom) or Japan (TGS), Sony seems to be the console of choice

pixelsword3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Sony had the most, Microsoft didn't have any, wow; but both had a quite a few neithers and a few said either, depending on the games.

They both have a chance to do well (Sony much more so), but it looks like in this situation the games will sell it, not the specs.

Lesson learned:

Microsoft needs to invest in exclusives

Sony needs to cater to Japan harder, not depending on name recognition.

Nintendo needs to market a little harder and change the U into a 2 (I mean go back to what made the Wii great; they went too far this time).

MWong3469d ago

No lesson to be learned here. M$ has never sold well in Japan. Why would you think the XBone and some new exclusives would change the mind of people? Now they go and probably pay at least 3 million for a Japanese exclusive, for what? In 2 generations they still haven't sold over 4 million consoles in the land of the rising sun.

It might seem bad to say, but honestly M$ needs to cut it's loses in Japan.

FamilyGuy3468d ago

With all those people that said "neither" it's no wonder Sony is making them wait till February O.O

I wasn't surprised by not hearing one person chose the Xbox but all those saying neither shows that Sony made the right choice in focusing their launch elsewhere.

Sounds like it's an issue of expense as well :/

UltimateMaster3468d ago

The real question you have to ask.
Are you getting a PS4 or a Wii U.

Xbox One doesn't exist in Japan.
Microsoft is too stupid to realize it.

Most Gamers in Japan are into portable gaming.
Why you think both Sony and Nintendo makes them?
Very popular in Japan, more so than PC and consoles.

Don't believe me? VGChartz.
Check the huge difference is % between Portable and Console when in the US, it's mainly home consoles and PC but still a mix of both.

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Mike134nl3469d ago

Seems like xbox has low brand awareness in Japan.

UltimateMaster3468d ago

They are aware if it, they just don't give a fuck about it.

imdaboss13469d ago

M$ really need to let go Japan and just save their money..whats the point? you spending million or thousands of dollars there and your shitty xbone cant even sell in Japan..

candoa3469d ago

Shitty xbox? MOre how those japanese don't buy shit but their own shit. Thats why I prefer American product, hey they support their product, I support my as simple as that.

Catoplepas3469d ago

Except your nationalism excuse falls flat on it's face when you take into account the amount of Apple products the Japanese consume.

MS have a brand perception problem. It's as simple as that.

Babypuncher3469d ago

American product? I guess you also believe that Fords a Chevys are still made in America too?

cell9893469d ago

@candoa lol your xbone is being manufactured in China right this very moment

Blackdeath_6633469d ago

i said this in another comment the Japanese games market is responsible for some of the greatest and most successful video games in history Japanese devs will be discouraged to release their games on xbox if no one in Japan owns one thus many Japanese game will end up as sony exclusive by default. Xbox gamers will miss out on great games like ni no kuni

cabbitwithscissors3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Take your nationalistic attitude and shove it.

American products, European products, Russian products *ALL MADE IN TAIWAN !!!" oops "I MEAN CHINA!!!"

*goes about bashing the crap out of the machine with a wrench to make it work*

HonestDragon3468d ago

@ candoa

That has to be the dumbest reason why you buy a product. You shouldn't buy a product based on the fact that it was made it your home country. You should buy products that have value, quality, and work properly.

Your comment reeks of those old "Buy American" commercials for automobiles. There's a reason why Americans bought European and Japanese cars in droves: they are better products. If someone from Japan wants to get a PS4, then it's because it's a system of quality, not because it was developed from a Japanese company.

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Kayant3469d ago


"But Sony also needs to take note here. They need to get a good Japanese line-up of games on the console, because there were quite a few neither in there as well."

That's one of the reasons it's being delayed in Japan because the content won't be there in November. I guess you don't watch the pre-TGS conference and saw they announced some Japan-orientated games.

MS don't even have a launch date none do they have any games apart from Titanfall and maybe Crimson Dragon that will appeal to the Japanese. Apart from that we know they have one title from platinum games if CBOAT prediction is right.

WarThunder3469d ago

That ending was priceless — "What's an Xbox...?" haha :)

Mystogan3469d ago

Microsoft should just pull out of Japan.Unless it means we won't get Japanese games, otherwise its not worth it.

Groo3469d ago

@ Gozer

I take it you've never owned or appriciated the original Nintedo console... azzclown

Japan has done more for the gaming world then you could possibly imagine. Your Pea brained perspective is why companies like MS get away with ripping consumers off.. show some respect, some of the games you have played have most likely had some form of Japanese influence in design but your too dumb to realize it..
Japan markets and develops reliable and dependable games and consoles, they don't half azz sh!t like MS and other US companies do. Show some respect

dale_denton3469d ago

this article should wake up those xbox trolls.. ps4 worldwide! xbox merrrica.

Magicite3469d ago

if u havent noticed then sony is taking U.S with storm this season, so might just say bye to xbox

PFFT3464d ago


You should go back and drink more moonshine billy Bob.

ZHZ903469d ago

Lol at "What's an Xbox?" :D

They all either say PS4 or neither.

None said both nor X1.


Magicite3469d ago

1 said both if I recall right

ZHZ903469d ago

No none said both at all.

2 said they are thinking

Only one said if either has games I need I 'll buy it.

But none said "I want Xbox One" directly.

Ps4Console3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Without reading in Tokyo that is an easy one really both Xbox's failed & the Xbox One is not being released there so I'd say Ps4 that wasn't hard .though I doubt the Ps4 will sell out there , there not console gamers are they really all handheld gaming .

TBONEJF3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Now that's a stupid question do they have to ask the gamers of Japan that? ha May be um the PS VITA that was a awesome answer the girl gave. The lil Japanese kid also says "what's a XBOX?" LMAO

kickerz3469d ago

to be fair that kid looked like he was 4years old. he wouldnt know what a lot a things are.

Flames763468d ago

The Xbox One is what will be making money from day one while the PS4 will be losing $60 on every unit sold.There ya go learn something new everyday.Kinda like the PS3 has lost over 5 billion this gen.While the Xbox 360 has made billions in profit since september 2007.Look at that learned something else

nosferatuzodd3468d ago

yeah right the xbox make a profit but not much ask the 2billion dollar share holder that's why he was saying Microsoft should sell the game department you're grasping at straw here buddy now that something you need to learn..

Lboogieskells3468d ago

Sony has lost 5 billion , not the Ps3. Playstation is one of the few products that sell well for Sony.

alb18993468d ago

This video is edited, I mean how can I trust them?

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Tooly3469d ago

he said whats an xbox lol

Ezz20133469d ago

they must think xbox means this

i kid i kid

mcstorm3469d ago

Lmao I am more on the Xbox side as it has more what I want along with the Wiiu but I found that funny

KonsoruMasuta3469d ago

Oh my god! I can't take it!

Maywell3468d ago

LOL that 360=RROD

XD hahahaha cant stop laughing....!

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majiebeast3469d ago

The last reaction sums up the Xbox brand in Japan.

riceking3469d ago

so... what is the point for Microsoft to be in japan now??

Catoplepas3469d ago

If I were to guess; to save face. It shows poor confidence in your brand when you don't even attempt to gain market-share.

After TGS I very much doubt MS will bring up Japan again unprompted.

Majin-vegeta3469d ago

Xbone a coaster for my PS4 ;D

B-radical3469d ago

Dude stop trolling........go outside see the sun breath that fresh and smile

noctis_lumia3469d ago

and u ca nshut it and support that piece of trash u called console

go shush go play call of noobies with the other kids

real-mature gamers knows that the console of choice is the ps4 deal with it

cya you again with the numbers crushing against the xcrap 1 bb

Majin-vegeta3468d ago

Dude stop getting butt hurt over someones comment.Looks like you should take your own advice :).

Relientk773469d ago

That's an expensive coaster man lol