Revealed: The secret of Assassin's Creed IV Ace of Spades website

Rich of Xboxer360 writes, "You've got to love marketing campaigns! Earlier today a new site went live for Assassin's Creed IV - its launch was delivered via playing cards sent out by Ubisoft. Upon visiting the site you are presented with two login screens and through a little digging into the source code you can gain a few clues as to how you might login."

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AAACE52872d ago

Looks like they figured out the ACE!

I always used to wonder why an ace was more powerful than a king. Then I realized the ace represented the assassin! Could be anyone and you always have to make decisions based on the fact that an ace is out there!

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If a man stands in front of you and he has no arms, you feel less threatened because all he can do is run from you, so you don't have to respect him!

Keep this in mind when they start trying to take away our guns/arms.

Protect the 2nd amendment! It won't protect itself and you can't depend on the 60 year olds to protect it for you!

anticlimax2872d ago

No need for political rants, thank you very much. This isn't n4p (newsforpoliticians) or n4gu (newsforgunowners. Hell this site isn't even strictly for Americans. Most people here aren't even Americans.