Bethesda Writer and Game Designer Joins Sony Santa Monica

Sony owned Santa Monica Studio is expanding and is working on something really interesting for PS4. This came to light after Shane Liesegang (former Writer and Game Designer at Bethesda) worte on Twitter that he will be join Santa Monica studio from November 2013.

black0o3959d ago

this is GREAT .. why? u asked
more teams = more titles

abzdine3959d ago

i cant wait for they have for us on PS4! VGAs are about to smash everything

pedrof933959d ago

Some awesome thing is on its way.

gaffyh3959d ago

Hopefully they are developing a big RPG like Fallout/Skyrim

Dark_Overlord3959d ago

@ JoSneak

They're always held in December, no exact date has been announced yet though :)

ShinMaster3958d ago

I'm worried about the writing and narrative now...

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HammadTheBeast3959d ago

Thank god it wasn't someone from the QA team or a tester.

Campy da Camper3959d ago

Bubs for funny Lol. All I know is if we end up with a Fallout open world style game with the qraphical quality of God of War I'm gonna be in VATS heaven.

El_Assenso3959d ago

He is joining Cory Balrogs team at Santa Monica for sure!

Santa Monica has three main triple AAA game developing teams: first we have Stigs team who are working on a new announced game, then we have the team that just finished making God of War: Ascension, and lastly we have the third team, headed by Cory Balrog.

Exciting times indeed at Santa Monica....

5h4h4b3959d ago

Good news. Really looking forward to SSM games for ps4.

Walker3959d ago

God of War 4 to be plagued with framerate and texture issues, confirmed.

ZBlacktt3959d ago

Or it will be open world and not so liner, lol.

Sharius3959d ago

yes, and the co-op mode too, this will def blow everyone mind

AnotherProGamer3959d ago

open world GoW won't be good

I don't why everyone wants every game to be open world

ZBlacktt3959d ago

Maybe because you think you are a Pro gamer and like things to always be the same.

majiebeast3959d ago

How does a game designer and writer have anything to do with programming and coding?

thereapersson3959d ago

People Just sarcastically talking out of their ass on the Internet. You're questioning this?

KwietStorm_BLM3959d ago

It wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

No_Limit3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Yes, we will finally see Kratos shooting an arrow from the the Bow of Apollo to Zeus' knee. LOL

KonsoruMasuta3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Is he going to teach them the art of releasing games that play like they're still in pre alpha?

Just kidding,. This is good news.