Fracknaps - Far Cry 2 PS3 Preview

Ubisoft taps the power of the Playstation 3 to deliver first person shooter Far cry 2 - a vast, refreshing, inventive game design that you'll risk malaria to play, click the the link for the scans.

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sonarus5939d ago

After all that talk, did they actually see the ps3 version running? Game sounds amazing if it manages to run close to pc

Gorgon5939d ago

I don't think they've seen the PS3 version running. These shots are PC. We are still to see 360/PS3 screenshots.

BilI Gates5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

What magazine is that?

Edit: Nevermind.

God damn it looks amazing. Be sure to read the scans. My hype went up from 80% to 100% just from reading it. Crazy stuff.

Zip5939d ago

that made me place an ordrer on that game (pre-order)

somelikeithot5939d ago

Forget your gears and resistance games, this game will kick major ass

heyheyhey5939d ago

i agree

Far Cry 2 will be immense

tony5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

this game is gold and diamonds.

THC CELL5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

nice to see ubisoft not been lazy now

I wonder if they will tone down to keep x box sweet

or make it ps3 PC exclusive

Firestorm5939d ago

on reality.

360 and pc development are very similar. Chances are that the 360 version will be superior due to ease of porting. Im not saying the ps3 version will not be good, but the chances of it being better than the X360 version are pretty slim.

RuffRyder5939d ago

There is no point trying to talk sense to someone with a cell chip stuck up his ass. Fanboys will be fanboys dude.

SUP3R5939d ago

It's always good to see developers in the comments section.

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masterfox495d ago

Farcry 3 and literally thats it! lol

GamingSinceForever493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

I recently tried 3 for the first time but the frame rate was a turnoff.

I liked 5 and 6 though.

banger88493d ago

If you have a Series X or S, the Xbox 360 version runs at 60 fps with fps boost. It's a shame the remaster doesn't.

isarai495d ago

2 and 3, pretty much the only ones i really enjoyed. 1 was amazing for the time but aged quite poorly. 4 has the elephant gun, all i can praise from any entry after 3 lol

cooperdnizzle493d ago

Ummmm 3 than stop.

Okay maybe two as well. But yeah probably 3 and then move on.

JEECE493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

Far Cry 2. People constantly rant about games now being too easy, holding your hand, having too many unnecessary RPG-lite leveling features, etc. People specifically complain about open world games being too focused on tons of collectibles and "checkmarks" that just waste time.

Far Cry 2 is an answer to all of those complaints. It was made by Ubisoft before they fell into all the traps discussed above (and before they started inserting towers into their games to defog the map). It has respawning enemies, weapons that degrade, and the collectible diamonds are very useful in the game (which you find in a similar way to the way you find shrines in BOTW with a radar system). The map you have is an in game item you pull out while playing, not a pause menu that is unnecessarily detailed. Also the enemy AI and physics are much better than later entries in the series.

It has a mixed reputation because people at the time said it was too hard, the weapon degradation was annoying, and then respawning enemies were annoying. FC2 came out in 2008, so this was before games like Dark Souls and BOTW had come out and made it cool to like these types of features.