Watch 10 Minutes of Knack Played in Lagless Remote Play on PS Vita and PS Vita TV from PS4

At the Sony Computer Entertainment booth at Tokyo Game Show the company is demonstrating remote play between PS4 and both PS Vita and PS Vita TV.

Here are two videos showing the game played on both consoles without any visible lag.

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The_Truth_24_72765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

My elvish eyes notice a very, very, very, slight delay but it still seems like it works great. Looking forward to it.

Riderz13372765d ago

Most of it is during the cut scenes and it's probably behind by maybe 1 or 2 frames. Not very noticeable, and I doubt it will have a big impact. But this thing does really depend on your internet connection so who knows how it will look like when I use it in my house.

GentlemenRUs2765d ago

Would you look at that! No LAG at all!

Kingthrash3602764d ago

my vita said the same thing!

DivineAssault 2765d ago

Killzone, Knack, & a multiplat (prolly watchdogs) will be my 1st PS4 titles.. Man o MAN i cant wait to play with all the new features & try out the remote play with my vita.. Im so damn pumped for this console! Being a vita owner just adds so much more excitement too.. The features, cloud gaming services, & the new DS4 will be so damn awesome to play.. I think sony did a FANTASTIC job creating this console & all the perks..

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The story is too old to be commented.