Friday Night Rant: Free 2 Play: Let's Kill This Baby In Its Crib

OnlySP: The bigger thing at stake I think is the potential for single player only games to adopt this model. We used to have shareware, which was the first few levels, then you bought the rest in episodes. It was actually a pretty cool model, and is the same as F2P in a way, but things are different now. Now we have seen the depths of greed that publishers will go to to reach into our wallets. Those depths are dark and without end. We now have pay to win or just pay to do better along with pay to save time.

I believe that when these carrots are at the end of the stick of free to play stick the temptation to microtransact us to death is just too much. Look how that went over in Dead Space 3. A free to play game suddenly doesn't need to have the same quality we are accustomed to, it doesn't have to debut as a cohesive experience, it doesn't have to be complete, hell it doesn't even have to have an end!

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