Tales of Zestiria trademarked in the U.S.

Following Japan and Europe, Namco Bandai has trademarked “Tales of Zestiria” in the United States.

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Snookies122829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

So long as it's a console Tales, I'll buy it day one. (Well, I'd love to see the Vita versions come over as well to be honest.)

joab7772828d ago

I think we proved that its worth it with tales of xillia. Now we need to support tales of xillia 2. I want a next gen tales game but this may not be it.

Relientk772829d ago

Awesome, the Tales series is fantasic

Austin482828d ago

Oh hopefully this game will be for ps3 or 3ds or maybe ps4

fsfsxii2828d ago

Amazing, Tales of series just became one of my fav series in gaming. Man, 2014 is gonna be one amazing mess, screw high school.

Inception2828d ago

I hopes it for PS3/Vita/3DS. But if come for mobile than too bad i will not play it >.<

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