Marketing: GTA IV vs. Halo 3

With Grand Theft Auto IV's release date of April 29 fast approaching, Rockstar hasn't held back on heavily marketing its highly anticipated title. Eye-catching ads, billboards, and more are popping up in major cities across the United States and overseas. Some analysts are already predicting that GTA IV will sell $400 million in its opening week. That would beat out the current record of $300 million, which Halo 3 captured last year after a saturation of advertising and promotions leading up to its launch. So, how does the marketing strategy of the current record holder match up with what may be taking its place?

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n4gzz3837d ago

of alot of drawbacks. Like- inferior graphic, stupid AI, frame rate issues but very popular because you can do all types of your fantasy crime that you can not do in real life. If you disagree with me, think yourself for a sec before hitting the button 'coz it is truth.

Well, wtf is happening with killzone 2 ?? Is it even comming out ?

resistance1003837d ago

If will be ready when its ready, its not like we don't have other games coming out before it to pass the time. I've got to Beat GTA IV, Ferrari Challege, HAZE and MGS4 before i even think about Killzone 2

BeaArthur3837d ago

Halo 3 was way too overexposed, but I guess it worked. I think GTA is far more popular and with it being available on both platforms it will easily surpass what Halo 3 did. GTA won't need nearly as much promotion as far as being on soda and crap like that; all they will need to do is make sure everyone knows exactly when it is coming out and the rest will take care of itself.

kwicksandz3837d ago

Ive seen a GTA painted bus in Australia and we are a backwater reguarding most things video games related!

SUP3R3837d ago

Why did that article feel like it was incomplete?