Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer : Great Innovation Or Tacked On Extra?

Mark of Corrupted Cartridge writes "In the past few days I’ve read a lot of new news about the multiplayer portion of the next Batman game that’s due to be released next month. When this mode was first announced I wasn’t sure how the developer Splash Damage, who are in charge of the multiplayer part of the next game, would make a multiplayer mode that was actually worth playing. As more and more information was released I became more and more intrigued by the whole concept of the mode and now believe that Splash Damage have created a winning formula and a mode that’s sure to please everyone."

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Nitrowolf22827d ago

was in the beta, all I can say is that the controls and lag were pretty bad

-Foxtrot2827d ago

Tacked on extra

Origins is just a quick cash in game most likely re using a crap load of reskinned assets from Arkham City because WB want to get one last Arkham game out before next gen.

ZeekQuattro2827d ago

Tacked on extra. The other games in the series didn't have or need the feature. I feel this time is no different.

Khordchange2827d ago

this game just doesnt feel as special at all compared to the first two for some reason

CyrusLemont2827d ago

Wish they put more money into the campaign and not into an unneeded MP portion. Who the hell wants to play Batman for Multiplayer and not single player campaign. Wtf.

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