What Do You Think of Grand Theft Auto V so Far; or Why Didn’t You Buy It Yet?

"Sometimes I wake up topless in the middle of nowhere, with a strange taste in my mouth and a pervasive feeling of lost control." - PSLS

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Kingthrash3602827d ago

best gta by gen level sh*t

XB1_PS42827d ago

The game is beautiful by this gen standards. Next gen is pushing it a bit far though. I honestly do believe this is the best GTA yet. By a long, long, long margin. It has everything, and more. Characters are some of the best in gaming, and the story/background of each is intimately enticing.

Kingthrash3602826d ago

by next gen level i meant as far as content goes...the game is packed with content x3 and is a visually beutiful game but tlou beat it in that catagory IMO.
to see this level in this gen next gen will be much much much much much more awsome.

Thatguy-3102827d ago

It's actually a better game than GTA IV from what I've played so far. Some missions are really cinematic like in the beginning when your in the highway chasing Micheal's boat.

XisThatKid2827d ago

Honestly, I just fell outa love with the franchise. I'm in no way saying this is a bad game or isn't fun. The games just don't have this hypnotic effect on me that I feel compelled to buy it ASAP anymore. This game is everywhere I get it but and to be honest cramming ads and reviews down my throat isn't helping either. I'll get to it eventually but there are other games and things I'm interested in right now. I do indeed still love the series but I lack the intense desire to play it above else.

LOGICWINS2827d ago

Didn't buy it because it'll be $44.99 or lower at some point in the next two months. I no longer feel like I NEED to buy games at launch anymore.

AceBlazer132827d ago

Not if the game is good,look at last of us,it's still near launch price.Gems like these hold on to that price tag man go get it now.

jc485732826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

that game is still selling. Not as fast selling as GTA5, though. Even Uncharted games took some time for the price drop

KonsoruMasuta2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Yeah, not all games drop in price quickly after launch.

insomnium22827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

True. I myself also didn't get it yet but I have like 5-10 games wrapped in plastic waiting to be played. Games like Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Dragon's Crown etc. etc. that are yet to be touched by me.

I have games to last me 2-3 years so since I'm in an extremely tight spot for money OR time to play all my games I think I'm going to wait a few years before getting a PS4 even. This is the rational me thinking but come launch day I have no idea how big of an urge I will get to run out and buy one. Might not be able to resist...

inmusicutrust2827d ago

It'll be a while till its price drops, esp with the holidays approaching, there may be deals that pop up here and there but they will prob be black friday/cyber monday related if they have any at all. This game is worth the 60$ price tag, I have no issue paying the full amount for a top notch game. This just isn't a time I would wait, but if it is for u go for it and save the 15 bucks.

BluEx6102827d ago

GTA 5 is on sale for 20% off on Toy R Us. Use promo code FRIENDS20. That's about 13 off I think. If there were a game worth $60 it would be GTA V.

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Sharius2827d ago

i don't buy this game, it's not the kind of game i want to play

don't get me wrong, i love red dead redemption of rockstar, but GTA never in my list

Omar912827d ago

That's how I felt....Until I actually played GTAV

vork772827d ago

too many glitch's and bugs

Conzul2827d ago

Came across no glitches or bugs after 6 hours of playing....huh.

TheGrimOfDeath2826d ago

If by bugs and glitches you mean texture pop-ins. Then yeah there are some glitches and bugs.

1OddWorld2827d ago

Haven't purchased it. Still holding out for a PS4 version. I know they said they have no plans to port it, but I cant see them turning down a huge truck load of money. It's killing me to wait btw.

KonsoruMasuta2827d ago

A next gen version isn't really going to make them as much as you think. Most of the people who want to play it will plan it on current gen consoles.

RiPPn2827d ago

I'm waiting as well, and if a PS4 version never comes then I'll grab the complete edition on PS3.

Lucreto2827d ago

I am going the same but I do have a backlog to clear.

I am still playing Xillia and Puppeteer.

GTA5 can wait until a GotY edition.

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