TGS: PlayStation 4’s PlayRoom is Everything I Didn’t Know I Wanted | IGN

IGN: "How this free, preloaded PS4 toy made my day at Tokyo Game Show."

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GribbleGrunger3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

It's interesting that this little game/demo seems to have caught the imagination of so many people. I'm going to be interested to see what updates there are. I'm planning on buying the Camera for multiplayer and video messaging anyway, so a fun distraction like this is a bonus, especially when it's free.

nerdeu3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Those small babyrobots should be mascots of PS4! Incredibly cute, lively and playful - just like the PS4. Greatness awaits.

iJihaD3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

"most impressive toy I’ve played with in years"

That's what she said.

FamilyGuy3047d ago

They should make a "Minions" (from Despicable Me) skin for those guys. Or have a version/game using those little guys. They're hilarious, cute and my daughter freakin loves them!

Just an idea.

alexkoepp3048d ago

Not sure why they choose to preload a camera game on a system that doesn't include a camera, that's just foolish.

LordNikon3048d ago

Its free. So what's to complain about?

redknight803048d ago

I assume the reasoning is that such games as this will create a positive word-of-mouth and entice gamers to spend a bit extra to get that camera. Since the game is free, it will surely put people who are "on the fence" towards the mentality to purchase the camera. I would prefer this path as opposed to forcing the camera on us and not including a free game, for example.

iiwii3048d ago

Maybe so people will see these "extras" there that will unlock a new part of your system if you just buy the needed add on. It's actually a great marketing move. Let end users see enough to make them think they are missing out on something they may actually like so that they go buy the camera.

You cannot tell me a lot of kids won't convince their parents to spring for the camera because they want to use the Playroom. It's an option with an incentive to purchase.

BitbyDeath3048d ago

Better than adding a camera with the system and supplying no games that support it. ;-)

Fatal-Aim3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

@ alexkoepp
It's called MARKETING.

If they don't get the awareness out that a camera, a 3D camera that works with the DualShock 4 at that, is available on the system, people would think such a device ONLY EXISTS on Microsoft's console, and so consumers would flock their instead as well as MS getting all the glory. History has proven this countless times.

For example, when Sony first launched the EyeToy for the PS2, people didn't even know that this device allowed hands free gaming, as in you controlling an avatar on TV, scanning, nor did they know that it had a mic. When the PSeye launched, people didn't even know that it, too, was an enhancement of all of this. They simply thought the camera was forr video chat or that it only worked with a Move controller. So, in the end, Sony seemed more like followers with a late to no reaction.

PS2 EyeToy: Anti Grav

PS3 PSeye: Kung Fu Live

With the PSeye 2, instead of Sony trying to outspend MS on TV or poster ads or package in a camera with every console to get the awareness out, they simply put a demo on every PS4 console to explain what the camera is capable of. Now MS has a competitor.

The more cameras Sony sell, the greater the support from devs. problem solved.

nukeitall3048d ago

Bunding software doesn't cost Sony anything, so why not?

The only sad thing is how this perhiperal is destined to be completely underutilized. As an accessory, almost nobody will care and that is evident because Sony doesn't have anything really that supports the camera other than a demo.

Sony should have bundoed the camera in the box, because these are the things that pretty much differentiate a console from a PC, not it's gigaflops!

PlayStation_43048d ago

Don't want it, don't use it.

At least they aren't forcing you to buy a camera you probably don't want, right?

FamilyGuy3047d ago

Give people that buy the camera something free to play around with?

PS3Eye gave out EyeCreate on the PS3. It wasn't a game but it did let you do some low-level camera editing.

I remember some green screen sort of thing that was possible too but I never found it or how to use it.

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_QQ_3048d ago

i would play around with this for like 5 minutes,def not worth getting a PS Eye for.

Thatguy-3103048d ago

Good you have the option =)

_QQ_3048d ago

Nice i have 10 disagrees, okay so who are the 10 people who think messing with those little robots is worth 70$?

nerdeu3048d ago

I'd rather pay 100$ extra to not be able to play those babyrobots and watch TV instead. Oh, wait. The TV-feature won't be available at launch even though the Xbox One is presented with TV as a main selling point.

My answer to your question is: YES, I am one of those people.

_QQ_3048d ago

I never mentioned XboxOne....i'm not comparing the value of ps eye vs kinect, i'm saying this not even a game, a 10 nibute time waster is not worth 70$ alone.

gobluesamg3048d ago Show
_QQ_3048d ago

lets be adults here.

wsoutlaw873048d ago

The camera is 60$ i believe and there will be more to do with the camera than playroom. If youre not interested in the camera then no ones saying buy it but there will be more than just this. im going to wait and see what else the camera can do.

Plasticgearsolid3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

@lopez_jsue Oh i didn't know that the PlayStation Eye was exclusive hardware made only for the playroom. Ya that was silly of me to think that there would be more games and other feature for it. Ya not worth $70, if only it wasn't made only for playroom, bummmmmer :(

IRetrouk3048d ago

I actually get what you are saying, and i agree to an extent, on its own its not worth the asking price, but it is a free extra that some people will spend time on, im getting the eye so i can video chat and use the ds4s light bar to interact with my games, so to me its a bonus, think peps are being a bit hard on you here but then again its n4g.

nukeitall3048d ago

If Sony included it in the box for $50 I would be happy in the hopes it will be utilized, instead the opted to cheap out.

Removing the camera just ensured that we will have another 7-10 years of just the same games with more pixels on screen. That is it!

I wanted a next gen console, not an upgraded pixel pusher. If I did, I would just stick with PC with easily 4 teraflops easily today!

_QQ_3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

@nuketall, i completely agree, i wish the playstation came came bundled with the system, But the current set up as it is pretty much means Dev won't use the feature in a game changing way unless sony asks them to.

It may not give Sony the 100$ advantage they want over MS but as a gamer how can you not want that?,50$ extra wouldn't be allot to pay but you would start seeing revolutionary new ways to play, Maybe Xboxone will pull it off but i honestly don't see any microsoft studios talented enough to seamlessly implement unique kinect features into a hardcore game,i may eat my words,i plan on getting a PS4 but if MS somehow makes a hardcore game that can only be done with kinect or is greatly improved with kinect(not that better with kinect BS).Then i would have to get an Xbone too.

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ShwankyShpanky3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

I don't think so either, but I don't think anyone's suggesting that you should get a PS4 cam *just* for PlayRoom. It's just a tech demo, but it looks neat nonetheless, and I think I would get more than five minutes out of it, especially with my kids.

And the cam is $60. ;-)

BTW, I didn't give you a + or a -... because I only disagree with half of your post.

It will be interesting to see if/when they put out a specific list of the camera features and cam+DS4/Move features. They've already checked off a number of the Kinect features to some degree or another.

nukeitall3048d ago

"It's just a tech demo, but it looks neat nonetheless, and I think I would get more than five minutes out of it, especially with my kids."

So now that Sony has a camera and showing it, it is something you would enjoy with your kids, but when MS shows it, you think it is a negative.

You yourself said:

"In fact, I assign them negative worth... many of the Kinect features are detriments in my opinion... not only do I not want to have them, I want to not have them."

Hypocrites at it's finest!

oh, my bad, I meant fangirls!!!

ShwankyShpanky3048d ago

Nice selective quoting you done did thar.

Full quote:

"Some (like me) may consider that a useless or niche feature... just like I consider reading my heart rate and emotions to be worthless. In fact, I assign them negative worth... many of the Kinect features are detriments in my opinion... not only do I not want to have them, I want to not have them."

So, just to recap: Actual game functions and augmented reality toys = good. Marketer wet dream data farming spy functions = bad.

MS has explicitly stated on numerous occasions the advertising and data mining intentions of Kinect, but you go on playing the Xbot game of false equivalency and act like your selective quoting scored you points, if it makes you feel better about being made into a monitored cash cow for the company that *you already pay* to use their box/service.

dark-kyon3048d ago

can somebody tell me if i am the only what not can see the ign pages in firefox,every time what open a article in ign the page turn empty.

GribbleGrunger3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Try turning off adblocker

Hicken3048d ago

Same thing happens to me with Chrome.

jukins3048d ago

playroom looks fun but still not getting the camera until sports champions 3 is announced lol.

capjacksparrow3048d ago

I was looking forward to the camera for the interaction with the controller and the video sharing. This definitely looks like a fun little distraction and it will be interesting to see what add on content it receives.

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