IGN: The World Ends With You AU Review - A fantasy and fashion fusion becomes an unexpected DS classic

IGN writes: "Admittedly, I was really struggling to get my head around The World Ends With You. Despite a recent trip to Shibuya on the company coin and a love for Harajuku girls of all sorts, something just wasn't meshing in TWEWY – the gameplay seemed overly complicated, the setting too foreign and the characters strangely catty and self-absorbed. Then, some five or six hours into the adventure, something just clicked.

I realised exactly what Square Enix was trying to say and do with their latest RPG – a product from the house of Kingdom Hearts and outsourced developer Jupiter. It could be argued that most Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games have a cast of characters who are overly emotional, angst-plagued and are stuck in a semi-realistic but alien setting. TWEWY is very similar, even generic in this respect. But there's a hidden genius that took me a little while to pick up on (maybe I'm just slow; who knows). This is a deeply original and important game – and it's on the humble DS."

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PS360WII3835d ago

Dang 9/10. I'm looking more forward to this game everyday ^^

G4drake3835d ago

good gameplaY:check.

great graphics:check.


voice acting: great and check