Gears of War: Cliffy B Backstage Pass

With only a week left until Gears of War erupts onto the Xbox 360 on Emergence Day, we stopped by Epic's studio in Raleigh, NC during their Backstage Pass community event. There, Xbox Live gamers from around the globe gathered to get their first look at Gears of War, as well as a tour through the studio and a detailed behind the scenes look at the history of the shooter.

Kicking the event off was a presentation by Epic's president Mike Capps, who filled us in on the company's roots and how they've managed to become one of the industry's most influential organizations. After being brought up to speed on Epic Games' background, Cliff Bleszinski, Gears of War's lead designer, gave us a bit of insight into the game's history. Cliff went into detail about how he first came up with the concept of the game and how it has taken shape to become Gears of War. Check out the 20 minute video.

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