Sony Still Fixing Canadian PS3 Pricing

Kotaku via Peter Dille on the Sony Blog, writes: "You know, I could have sworn Sony fixed the problem of over-charging Canadian PS3 owners last October, but hey, maybe they didn't. Or did a half-assed job. Or the US dollar got even weaker against the Canadian dollar. Maybe all of the above! Point is, Sony's Peter Dille has jumped into the comments section of his blog post yesterday on the PS3, assuring Canadian consumers:

'Regarding Canadian pricing, we have been looking into this and will be adjusting it. We understand the concerns and are looking to correct the discrepancy.'"

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Real Gambler3864d ago

Crossing my fingers... If THE big guy is really looking into it, then maybe we will not have to pay 25% to 33% for those $2.99 DLCs anymore!

Thank you Peter, thank you!