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The FPS genre has been woefully under-represented on the PS Vita. Despite its high definition capabilities and twin thumbsticks successive attempts by the Resistance series and the mighty Call Of Duty have actually weakened the Vita's FPS credentials.

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BattleAxe2827d ago

I will definitely be buying a Vita this year, this game looks awesome. So many great reviews!

WhiskyWhiskers2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

It is awesome. A truly amazing feat for a handheld game and the Vita hasn't even been out that long yet to be seeing games of this quality. I am still blown away by the graphics, the body phsyics, the number of dead bodies that actually just stay there, the physics are really good, bodies stack on top of each other so naturally, or get blasted over railed ledges and just flop over the side lol.. Oh god and the exploding heads from head shots, so detailed, se parts of the skull just split into pieces and blood goes everywhere. It is seriously just as awesome as in The Last of Us as far as detail in the bodies goes. When you pop a clickers head off and they blood goes spewing from their severed neck, KZ:M has it all just like that.

Melee kills are so much fun too and just as detailed.

These guys really showed everyone what the Vita is capable of. Hopefully now more developers will look at this game and know to push themselves to make something just as good on it.

The single player is even super fun, yea its a little short if you rush through the entire thing non stop but it took me a couple days to beat it but I am far from actually completing everything in it though. What I actually am just finding out that there are even completely different things to do in each mission even some hidden path ways that lead to a different way of completing them or different out comes. That isn't including each individual contract assignment for each missing in SP either, I haven't even done any of them other than the first default ones. Let alone hacked every intel or found every person to kill for intel.

The game is freaking challenging but I really love it. The mutliplayer is incredibly fun as well it really doesn't need much explaining its just as amazing as the SP.

The weapons are so damn cool. It is very rare I play FPS anymore and want to try out every single weapon but in this game, I am doing just that. So much fun trying out different builds.

DivineAssault 2827d ago

fair score. I would say its a 9/10.. People cant hold it to PS3 standards cuz its a handheld however most will do just that.. Its still an amazing game even if they do! beautiful, runs great, & plenty of challenges

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