GTA IV 360 has optional HD install

VG247: "This could be very funny. According to "skip" - Andrew Pfister, the writer of 1up's GTA IV preview - has posted on Neogaf saying that the PS3 version of GTA IV features a five-minute mandatory install. Unsurprisingly, teh internets have gone grade A crackers for it.

We're also reliably informed this morning that the 360 version features an "optional install" as well."

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sonarus3838d ago

hmmmm sounds like that first GTA4 review was legit after all

jwatt3838d ago

I bet you every person who has the 360 version and a Harddrive is going to install it.

Hydrolex3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

-PS3 has less jaggies
-PS3 has warmer colors
- Less or No FPS drops compared to 360 version
- More peds and cars

that review ?

Today, a Rockstar employee said that the PS3 version is slightly better so maybe yea that was legit

Omegasyde3838d ago

Yep. But every buddy screamed !FAKE!


I have read every review, yet no reviewer really mentions it. Did splitscreen get cut? They mention Co-op but to what degree? Online or Local?

alcaponedya3838d ago

gives the ps3 version a lower score.
they'll come up with something.

sonarus3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Lol calm the fvk down. Gamespot may be full of 360 fanboys but really should you care. Every ps3 owners knows this is the yr of the PS3. You will be getting some of the best games this yr exclusive to your console. You really shouldn't let a lame GT5 "prologue" review fvk up your day.

@The same guy who posted the split screen stuff later retracted it. Either rockstar is keeping it a secret due to some ps3 deal, the dude was confused, rockstar took it out for one reason or the other. If the ps3 version does have split screen and 360 doesn't. Take it or leave it but that right there makes ps3 version definitive. Though i don't know how the hell split screen would work in a game like GTA4. But even if it is limited to the same game modes as offered in the online, it is still a HUGE advantage over the 360 version

chaosatom3333838d ago

I know ps3 is in good hands.

addic3837d ago


after getting the final build cam garish (the guy who posted the first review that was based on earlier builds) said that the split screen mode had been cut. (as you can read here:

btw i did not understand at all why so many people called the review "fake". it sounded absolutely legit.

dragunrising3837d ago

Where is your source the PS3 version is better? I will believe it when the reviews say they do. As of right now I believe your imagining things, especially when Rockstar doesn't want the PS3 version appearing as the inferior version. Wonder why the 360 version is the one which has been reviewed first? I didn't think so Mr. Biased. If your biased you might as well say so but don't say stuff without backing it up.

boodybandit3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

that was leaked out early but supposedly pulled for some reason or another. It was posted here on N4G more than in one capacity. People argued / debated it's validity. But the person that "supposedly" reviewed the game mentioned all the same things that are now being mentioned by other previews and hands on articles.

It appears that the person that wrote that early review did in fact play both versions. Both games are going to be awesome. I personally would say why argue that but I know this is the land of fanboys and flamewars and it will only fall on deaf ears.

Just purchase the game for the system of your liking and move along. Does my opinion or anyone else other than your own really mean that much to you?

dan-boy3837d ago

i have an elite, with ample room on my hard-drive!

hydrolex: i don't want to burst your bubble, but warmer colours will mean less of a pallete! where as the vibrant colours on the 360 will mean a larger pallete! has anyone even seen the ps3 version yet?? it seems that all previews are done with the 360 copy. the cynic in me asks why r* have'nt shown off this alleged "better" version???

more likely that it's not the better version, and that's why they are parading the 360 one! but lets wait til the end of the month until we jump to conclusions ey!!

Anego Montoya FTMFW3837d ago

"The PS3 hard drive and CPU should deliver a smoother GTA IV than on Xbox 360, not least because of texture streaming. Less loading, more detail and vibrant colour palette should make PS3 GTA IV stand head and shoulders above the Xbox 360 version. But what about the Xbox 360’s exclusive episodic content? Well, chances are, the PS3 will have similar downloads at some point in the future. If not, we should have PSP connectivity and multiplayer to look forward too."

There is also one from Take-Two saying alomost the EXACT same thing.

I`ll try to find it.

kevoncox3837d ago

Remember when the sony fanboys were bashing Capcom for being lazy developers for the install. Remember when the Sony fanboys bashed IW for delaying the Ps3 map for call of duty? This group will turn on everyone and thing they hold dare to them. LOl could you imagine what would happen if MGS4 had gone to 360? Lol......the end of the world!
I'm waiting for the reviews of the game before i go beliving crappy reviews. I will be expecting to hear people bash this game as well, when the ps3 version comes out inferior.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3837d ago

What will you say if it`s the 360 that comes up short.

socomnick3837d ago

"The PS3 hard drive and CPU should deliver a smoother GTA IV than on Xbox 360, not least because of texture streaming. Less loading, more detail and vibrant colour palette" The xbox 360 has less loading ( faster dvd drive), vibrant color palette(though ps3 had warmer colors)

Anego Montoya FTMFW3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

I didn`t write it.

Take-two has also said the PS3 version will be "slighty better".

I can`t find it though.

EDIT: Here it is.

"Take-Two also said that both the 360 and PS3 version of the game be visually almost identical, with the PS3 coming out slightly on top in some areas."

MikeGdaGod3837d ago

@ Anego Montoya

he won't say anything, he only has one bubble

nutmaniv3837d ago

Wait, wait what?

You're honestly saying that if the PS3 version has SPLIT SCREEN, thats a HUGE advantage over the 360 version? Thats the worst argument ive ever heard. You're really grasping there.

It's kinda sad actually.

Pain3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

- Personally id rather play the Version i can Play with my Brother then the one i cant, so if PS3 has spilt= win, and that not just me.

-No mater how many time People try and argue it if R* was on Record saying PS3 will look better i believe them.

-HDD instal = win , only reason most PS3 games that are Multi-plat tend to get Mandatory due to the Blu-ray being different then Dvd and its not a one reads faster its complete opposite capcon has stated it,
-BD reads from the In -> out, Dvd reads Out -> in ( or opposite one of them) thats why

waltercross3837d ago

If the PS3 does have split screen that is an advantage.

This means two people can play side by side
together on ONE CD, and of course the PS3
will have Multi online to.

also, I Noticed that one article saying that the
360 will have Exclusive DL content up through
2009, this suggests that the PS3 to will get DL
content afterwards.

I Do have a theory of why we have not seen the PS3
version yet, The 360 version is very awesome, but IF
the PS3 version is slightly better they'd prefer all
of us and reviewers to wait for the desert. In other
words we'd all be in more AH with the PS3 version.

Honestly I wouldn't show the better version first, because
then people will be expecting the other hidden version to
be equal, but if it's worse then expected then there will be
allot of pissed off people.

But if the hidden version is somewhat better people wont be as pissed since they've been seen the slightly worse version all this time.

Of course we all don't really know the truth until
the 29th.

Adamalicious3837d ago

Dang! They fit GTAIV on ONE CD?!? I guess Blu-Ray really isn't needed.

JK! ;)

Homicide3837d ago

So people without HDD will have to sit through a frame rate issue game or have to shell $100 to buy a HDD and install the game. Also if they want the DLC, they will have to buy a HDD. Way to screw your customers MS.

Rocko3837d ago

An article over a year old? Fail...

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Hydrolex3838d ago

Xbox 360 doesn't have SIXAXIS. Maybe they couldnt put the whole game onto a DVD9 so they want to use the HardDrive.

MikeGdaGod3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

what the hell are you talking about?

3838d ago
Nostradamus3837d ago

They cant fit the whole game onto a DVD-9, so they make you install data from the DVD-9 onto the HD???

Thats hillarious. Where does the data that couldnt fit on the disc come from?

the_gaming_guy3837d ago

Do you even know what SIXAXIS is?


redaxis3837d ago

because 360's joypad doesnt have build-in speaker so they have to use the bluetooth to install the game onto their ipod so they can play their GTA on the samsung LCD monitor.

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Rattles3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Will core "360 with no hard drive?" owners be able to play online like in burnout paradise??? we didint hear about that untill it was in peoples consoles.

Altis13837d ago

Is there anyone in the demographic of players that GTA, or any large caliber 360 game, caters to really plays games on Live without a HDD?

Merritt3837d ago

Seriously do yourself a favor and spend the extra 60 bones to buy a 20gig hard drive.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3838d ago

idk why more devs dont offer an optional install for the 360 for the uses who have a hard drive.

ceedubya93837d ago

If it is just an option to help the game run smoother, then I'm all for it. It would have worked wonders on Mass Effect.

Altis13837d ago

This might be a new stipulation that was allowed upon Rockstar. Just look at the recent event with Capcom and the lifting of the file size cap that MS granted them. If there is any chance that a muliplatform game will run better on the PS3 because of a small technical issue, MS will most likely grant the developer certain perks if the game is of a certain caliber.

Merritt3837d ago

You know, I never even thought of having an optional install. It would do wonders for Oblivion and Mass Effect. Perhaps they could patch these least Mass Effect, that would make the game playable for me. As it stands the pop-in and the stutter kills the experience for me. Obviously the reviews of the game were about the game itself, not the technical issues, or it would have never scored that high. IMOPO.

Smudge26263837d ago

I really hope this news is credible, although from the nature of the article that doesn't really seem likely. Anything to make it run a bit smoother would be great.

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funkysolo3838d ago

I hate to say it, but I'm starting to smell BS with all these reveiws. Any other game they would of mention during the review. Something is definitely up or someone is geting paid for giving high scores. I'm still geting GTA4 but something just isn't right with the reviews from what I have been reading, they almost sound like a freaking preview. Not one review mentions all the details to either mulitplayer or single player, options, nothing...