My Toast To The Master System

The Sega Master System was the 8-bit era’s little engine that could – until it couldn’t. While NES owners were busying themselves with Mario, Castlevania, and Contra, SMS players had to make due with the likes of Alex Kidd, Penguin Land, and Teddy Boy.

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XboxFun3428d ago

Here's my contribution to the Master System:


Seriously, who was the artistic genius who came up with these great game covers!?

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thebudgetgamer3428d ago

Yea they were terrible, but the games were fun.

BattleAxe3428d ago

NES was the best console at that time by a long shot.

AzurePaladin773428d ago

The Sega Master System was such a great gaming system for the time. While I enjoyed my NES, the SMS had some of the best games of the generation on it. Phantasy Star was my all time favorite and was the first RPG I ever played. RPGs have been my favorite genre ever since. Sega was/is such a cool company. Instead of just calling their tip hotline for tips I would ask for guides and they would mail me stapled-together walk-throughs and cheats for every game I asked them for, for Free! Best customer service ever.

ErcsYou3427d ago

I did the same thing for Phantasy Star 3. I got stuck and couldn't progress and called the number in the back of the booklet. They printed out a guide, stapled it together and sent it to me, so awesome. After i did that i started getting VHS tapes in the mail from SEGA, My first tape was a infomercial for Street fighter 2 Special Champion Edition. Thanx Sega and thanx AzurePaladin77 for helping me relive fond memories from the past. Bubbles +

AzurePaladin773427d ago


Phantasy Star III was another great one. They sent you VHS tapes? Dang! I'm jealous, lol. I never got no stinkin' tapes. It's funny the first one was an infomercial though. Genesis was so good. You ever played Sword of Vermillion? That was such a cool RPG. How about King's Bounty? And of course, Phantasy Star 2,3 & 4.

ErcsYou3427d ago

Sword of Vermilion was another great game. Never played Kings Bounty and thats a shame because i loved RPGS (and still do). I played all the Phantasy Star games and remember paying $99.99 for PhantasyStar 4. The guys at Electronic Boutique thought i was crazy back then. I worked a paper route back in the day and wasnt afraid to blow my money on a great game. The even let me demo it first. I remember being so happy with the walk speed of PS4. Hands down one of my favorite RPGs of all time. I also got hooked on the Shining force games. I cut apart the paper back case for Shining Force 2 and made a sleeve for one of my extra hard back cases, that was a great game. I tried playing Warsong but remember not really feeling it. Another great game i played on my genesis was Crusader of Centy. All this reminds me that im old. lol

SickDogg-OCMW3428d ago

I still got mine with hundreds of dollars in games. Those were the good old days.

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