Penello: Microsoft will talk about Xbox One's architecture "very soon"

Examiner: "While Sony has repeatedly shown of portions of the PlayStation 4's dashboard and architecture, Microsoft has refrained from doing so. However, according to Albert Penello, Senior Director of Product Management, that will soon change."

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Mikelarry2829d ago

its almost here ms the time is now to show everything you have got for the console, you can hold on to your games and slowly release them not the consoles

Gamingcapacity2829d ago

It will be interesting what they have since Major Nelson said he can't wait for the truth to come out about specs.

Hopefully he wasn't getting excited over something small similar to "It comes with batteries" tweet.

iamnsuperman2829d ago

Like the time when he hyped the PAX event and it turned out to be two playable demos. Nelson needs to be careful to not turn into Geoff Keighley

OT: I really doubt we are going to get any surprises with the architecture but still good to know

P0werVR2829d ago

Oh yeah!

Love these presentations.

I'm just wondering, why haven't Sony showed us anything. They've been so vague aside from their specs.

JokesOnYou2829d ago

Nah, I think micro has said and shown plenty in regards to specs and the dashboard=the reveal, E3, Hot chips, IGN fan Q&A, Penello on neogaf, and tons of responses to the media about how current policies work.

Parapraxis2829d ago

" Penello on neogaf"
Penello got called out for his PR BS on GAF, it was painful to watch.

I'm betting JokesonYou just forgot about this:

shoddy2829d ago

Spec this spec that.
just give up and face it.

xbone is weaker and more expensive than ps4.
it's a bad combination

scott1822829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

The thing I don't understand is why major Nelson got all worked up about Sony claiming it was the most powerful console. Sony said it, and of course they would say it, they want to sell their machine. They never claimed a power difference in percentage... If Major xbone wants to prove anything to someone he should be proving it to the devs! They are the ones that claimed a 30-50% difference in power. They are the ones who work with the machines and see the potential first hand, so prove it to them.

gaffyh2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Honestly, I just want the full spec of both consoles out in the open once and for all. This assuming and guessing is getting a little annoying.

There is no smoke without fire, and the smoke says PS4 is up to 50% more powerful, now give us the facts (MS and Sony)(and we'll figure it out ourselves.

P0werVR2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )


Come one?! Stop the BS.

You and I know very well who has been more transparent with their architecture.

No one sets a Hot Chips presentation if you don't have anything to show, especially in this case the most obvious.

If there was anything unique during those presentations, don't you think Sony would have been along side AMD and Microsoft at Hot Chips showcasing the new APUs (HSA designs)?


The_Fat_Boss2829d ago

@shoddy The combination of Kinect and Xbox One makes it more expensive than the PS4. I bet the console wouldn't be more expensive than the PS4 if it was sold without Kinect.

Hatsune-Miku2829d ago

Penello: Microsoft will tell more lies about the xbox one architecture very soon

Gamingcapacity2829d ago

I thought Sony we're open about their specs from the beginning. Cerny spoke a lot about the specs and did numerous presentations.

Either way the XBO will be a capable machine. It will have support for great games so in the end it really doesn't matter too much if games look a little bit lesser on it... unless you're a console-playing graphics-whore.

gaffyh2828d ago

@Power - Devs say it is 50% more powerful, that's the smoke. MS has still not released the full specs, Sony hasn't released much at all.

JokesOnYou2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

gaffyh, What devs? Who exactly? you happen to have a link with names? If so please provide ANY direct quote from a dev who is currently working on a X1/ps4 title that has said ps4 is 50% more powerful.

Here's a couple examples that dont seem to think so:

“It’s almost amazing how close they are in capabilities, how common they are,” Carmack said. “And that the capabilities that they give are essentially the same.” -John Carmack

“The specs on paper would favour the PS4 over the Xbox One in terms of raw power, but there are many other factors involved so we’ll just have to wait and see a bit longer before making that judgment.” - Avalanche’s chief technical officer Linus Blomberg

gaffyh2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

@JOY - Carmack said they are similar in terms of architecture, which they are. Your second quote proves what I said is true, PS4 is more powerful in terms of raw power. That's the whole argument. Games can be good regardless of power.

It still amazes me that people can't see that, it's not about optimization or the games. The argument is about the power. You have four or five Devs that have said PS4 is up to 50% powerful, and many others that have hinted at it, yet people seem to think these people are liars.

Anyone with an ounce of sense would at least wonder why the Devs are saying that? Maybe because it's true? Oh no, that would make too much sense

Bzone242828d ago

"You have four or five Devs that have said PS4 is up to 50% powerful"

Yet you didn't answer joy's question of who?

falviousuk2828d ago

Ill answer, one of those devs is Mr Blow, who said that the xbox one is not as fast, but then again he hates MS with a passion which was seen by his (innacurate) tweets during E3.

But the sony fanboys cling to it with a passion that only they know in their special sony fanboy world.

Both consoles will have amazing games. And both consoles will have poor games. Gaming is about gameplay not who has the biggest silicon hard on

P0werVR2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )


"Devs say it is 50% more powerful, that's the smoke. MS has still not released the full specs, Sony hasn't released much at all."

Of course it's the smoke, and why you been "fogged" by that tid bit of info. And for you to go out your way and say it's NOT ABOUT optimization shows you know NOTHING.

Raw components mean nothing if you can't integrate them together and optimize it. That is why we are moving into an era of high optimizations and that is a great thing.

Wonder why Sony has been so vague on their design? Because of x86, equals ONLY 3.5 gigs for gaming....j/k!


Also, that is about the only notices of their design along with a very few that we've come across compared to Microsoft with it's architectural panel and Hot Chips presentations.

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christocolus2828d ago

Mr Penello nice dude...amd just announced their new gpu(hawaii )and gave some new info about its tech,so if there really was any nda between amd and ms then my guess is that after the amd announcement the nda may have been lifted and ms will now be able to discuss more on the xbox one gpu when giving details of the xbox one architecture.....(im just stating this based on info from what ive read online...i could be wrong.)

BallsEye2828d ago

They will most likely show off stereo drivers and hidden architecture (the unnamed chips in hotchip presentation) just as I was saying that it will happen by end of this month. XO is stronger than most of you think...NDA raising... I call it... 26th is coming

christocolus2828d ago

Let's keep our fingers crossed then..looking forward to it.

thisismyaccount2828d ago

25th of September 2013 :)

....according to those FCC reports.

Crazay2828d ago

I read somewhere that the reason they havent been able to divulge everything yet is because some NDAs are in place with AMD in reference to some of the unannounced tech in this box. I'm pretty intrigued to hear whatever they have to tell us.

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Drewminati2829d ago

lets see what happens next week

OC_MurphysLaw2829d ago

at this point that is the best and honestly only option. We shall all see soon enough.

Thisisjuju2829d ago

I think it will go down like this...

Step 1: News release announced: Microsoft will talk about Xbox One's architecture "very soon"

Step 2: Microsoft talks about the system architecture

Step 3: Microsoft later retracts all statements and "clarifies" the issue

This seems to be pretty much rinse and repeat for every announcement.

tokugawa2829d ago

thursday the 26th perhaps??

Convas2829d ago

Heh Heh Heh.

I like the way you think.

lifeisgamesok2829d ago

Hehehe 9/26 or 9/30 I think we find out about the true power of Oban ;)

boneso822828d ago

You mean 26/9 or 30/9 yeah?

BallsEye2828d ago

the storm is coming. n4g will burn ;] predictions being true so far.

Sm00thNinja2829d ago

At this point I expect no suprised with the architecture. The PS4 is obviously the more powerful console. By how much is the question. Microsofts initial lineup is stronger IMO so following those up with more strong exclusives is key. Microsoft is more likely to see a launch hangover at this point than Sony. Lots of PS4 announced exclusives a few Xbone.

P0werVR2829d ago

Aside from specs since when, what have they really show us?! I guarantee you can't come up with anything.

Beside hUMA, which doesn't make sense since it hasn't been released yet, but either way both consoles use HSA naturally. I have not come across anything as of yet.

Which is very suspicious.

Gozer2829d ago

Its not obvious at all. Ryse and Forza 5 looks better than anything shown for ps4. If the ps4 is indeed more capable, they have yet to prove it. And if the ps4 is indeed more powerful, it certainly isn't 50% more powerful.

scott1822829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

No game on the xb one has so much going on at one time that killzone sf does. Constant particle effects in battle, realistic explosions, dynamic lighting, fire, water, HUGE draw distance, amazing graphics and super smooth animation.

Gozer2829d ago

Youre blind. Killzone SF barely looks like a next-gen title. It looks cartoony. Ryse looks like near cgi, and Drive Club cant hold a candle to Forza 5.
Killzone SF

Not even close to looking as good as Ryse.

But I understand you are buying a ps4 only and you want to justify your purchase.

xKugo2829d ago Show
dantesparda2828d ago

So Gozer starts the trolling but its xKugo that's gets charged with trolling? Yeah, but all the mods are Sony fanboys right? This site is ran by nothing but Sony fanboys right?

Jeedai Infidel2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

@dantesparda, what most people on this site fail to realize is that if one butts in to other people's(in this case, an xbox article)conversation with asinine comments , then by most mature adult standards, they come out as the one who looks rude and immature. If one did this in the real world, then most people would understand when someone punched them in their shallow-stating mouth.

black0o2828d ago

LOL .. when IGN/GS..etc all agree that KZ:SF is show cast for the G-powers of the ps4 with soled gameply and looked at 1080p

and u want to spin thing and try to downply KZ by comparing it to ryse
#nice try

SonyAddict2828d ago

You sound like a 10 year old!.

boneso822828d ago

Lol you said "if" the ps3 is more powerful as if you don't know but then you state in a factual way that it is not 50% more powerful, you can't do both. And all of this is based on your opinion of 2 launch games, neither of which you have played yet, haha, you've done yourself proud!

DigitalRaptor2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

@ Gozer

You just exposed the truth using two video links.

You didn't even bother explaining why you believe Ryse is better looking but video footage says it all. Let's post some more video shall we?

KZ:SF - a game with more dynamic gameplay, hugely impressive particle and elemental effects, impressive draw distances, smooth animatiions, fluid and rapid gameplay, 1080/30fps going 60fps, all whilst still being in control of the game (unlike Ryse) . So you can say you believe Ryse is better looking, but it will never make it so.

And you're trying to tell me one game looks cartoony over the other? Look no further than Forza 5: The game looks beautiful, but it still cartoony to the power of cartoony. I'm half expecting that car to stop and a Pixar character to step out. Compare that to a realistic looking racer like this with actual dynamic non-baked lighting http://gamefont.files.wordp...

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n4rc2829d ago

There is NOTHING obvious except the wishful thinking...

Ps4 has advantages and disadvantages.. Gddr5 is great for GPU but bad for CPU tasks for example..

People that somehow think a slightly better gpu always forget the 360 had a more powerful gpu... It didnt make ps3 games look worse but it somehow means it will make thr x1 worse off..

dantesparda2828d ago

"Gddr5 is great for GPU but bad for CPU tasks for example.. "

Well then tell that to AMD (you know the obvious idiots that made the APU's for these systems) cuz they recommend that you couple your APU with GDDR5 for a lot better performance.

n4rc2828d ago

Link or It didn't happen.. I've never seen anything from amd stating that

black0o2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

GDDR its bad for apps and running heavy OS it's not bad for cpu whn it comes to games even lighter OS like android

GDDR its the ram that was build to run games with the best efficiency for both GPU and CPU

Ezz20132828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

what disadvantages ps4 have ?!
it have nothing but advantages over xbox1

and lol at the "Slightly" better GPU
p4 GPU being 40-50% more powerful than xbox gpu is not "Slightly"...there is HUGE gap here

also this is far from being the same as xbox360/ps3 GPUs because both consoles GPUs were very close in power ...very close

i really don't know how it is possible to compare this gen with next gen when they share nothing in commen
ps3 had little weaker gpu and much powerful cpu and the same amount of ram as xbox360 but was split and at first was hard to work with

but this time ps4 have much stronger gpu and the same cpu with better/faster ram and use more for games as well and as easy to work with as xbox1 or even more

like i said this gen share nothing with next gen

EDIT: here is the link from AMD as of why GDDR5 Ram is better than DDR3 Ram

dantesparda2828d ago

There, did you see the link? So much for your "Link or it didnt happen" philosophy. Heck, AMD is claiming double the bandwidth and at least a 20% performance increase over DDR3 with half the amount of RAM. So how'ya like them apples.

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BallsEye2828d ago

There has been too many clues left around so I can guarantee you MS will reveal somehting big. From hidden chips and their talk about mono drivers released so far (so there has to be stereo drivers), unnamed chips to power brick with basicly 2x more power in it (strong hardware need strong PSU. The games like ryse with cone raytracing and 140k polygon characters, forza with their super advanced lighting and quantum break claimed to be running real time, can not be handled by such a weak setup like so far revealed XO. There has to be something more to it.

DigitalRaptor2828d ago

"forza with their super advanced lighting"

Sorry, I thought I almost died of laughter.

ThanatosDMC2828d ago

Really? Check out those gif links above to see how stupid Forza's lighting works compared to Drive Club's.

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FrigidDARKNESS2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

HoPefully they will finally reveal the GPU and customized specil chips. Micron Technology is handling the DDR3 design want to know about that and if its stacked or not. I expect an xbox one tech engineer to explain the architecture not Penello this may happen on the 30th.

ShwankyShpanky2829d ago

Who needs engineers or Penello when we have MisterXmedia?

FrigidDARKNESS2829d ago

Lets see there are others in the mix B3D SeniAccurate and Anatech . These are awesome tech sites you may want to visit you'll learn somethung.

pedrof932829d ago

How do you know what they are going to reveal ?

rainslacker2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

He doesn't. This will be the third time(I think, may be more) that everything he claims MS will wow us with won't come to fruition.

He's taking the Patcher approach. Say a bunch of stuff, and eventually he's bound to be right at least one time. Patcher does it with more success though.

When you actually start talking technical, his sources flounder, and he can't really make any reasonable argument except to call the other person a fan boy or misinformed. He doesn't have a clue what he's talking about, and just clings to whatever positive thing some other smuck on the internet might say, again not even really understanding it.

It's kind of a very sad way.

MRMagoo1232829d ago

I cant wait ill the 30th so you can stfu about all this fake BS you keep spouting along with elite24retard. We all know it isnt true the devs know it isnt true MS know it isnt true, yet you still cling on to it like sh!t clings to a sheeps arse.

FrigidDARKNESS2828d ago

These type of comments are expected from you folks on the other side.

DigitalRaptor2828d ago

And credulousness is what is expected from MS supporters.