Guess What We Didn't Find in the OFLC Board Report For GTA IV?

Tipster Mick managed to get his hands on the Office of Film & Literature Classification's report for Grand Theft Auto IV. It's not very large at three pages, but it's more than enough for Kotaku to find out what we want to know.

Firstly, the violence. The OFLC doesn't see it as anything out of the ordinary for the MA15+ rating, describing it as "hand to hand combat (basic punching and kicking) [that] more regularly involves use of various weapons". It does make particular mention of what you can do to corpses: "Blood pooling occurs under bodies that are shot at after death however no post mortem damage (such as decapitation or dismemberment) is possible".

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chaosatom3333838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

p.s I didn't read the article.

First of all, I have to say this. I absolutely despised the blood pouring out of bodies when I first started playing GTA. Then I got used to it. I like the approach that they are toning it down and making it more mature in a sense.

I also like that it doesn't have dismemberment. It has to be done correctly to be appealing, otherwise, it's just ruins the experience.

As long as running over people is satisfying and combat is fun and fluid, I am happy. I don't think Gta responded to the media in any way by toning down their blood spatter.

ThatArtGuy3838d ago

apparently they never used the katana. It had better be there!