Making The Mark of Kri, Coming to PSN Tuesday

"Beloved PS2 Classic The Mark of Kri will be available on PS3 via PlayStation Store next Tuesday, so we reached out to the game’s Executive Producer, Jonathan Beard, to ask for some stories and insights from its development. He responded in kind, with one of the most detailed write-ups in PlayStation.Blog history, and a bevy of heretofore unseen concept art. Enjoy."

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Seraphemz2827d ago

This had to be one of my favorite PS2 games !!! Cant wait to play it again...

It would have been awesome if it was an HD remaster...and on the VITA..but this is good enough for me.

HexxedAvenger2827d ago

I agree! I'm definitely getting this. I was thinking about this game not to long ago.

monkey6022827d ago

I loved this game so much!

pr0t0typeknuckles2827d ago

Still have it for my ps2 as well as the sequel

yewles12827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!! I was talking about this all month with friends and now one of my wishes comes true. Rise of the Kesai next, please...

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