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After years of waiting for Rockstar to bring another Grand Theft Auto to consoles, the developer dropped its most ambitious and complex sequel into gamers’ laps around the world this week. While the core of this entry is still very familiar, Grand Theft Auto V freshens the aging premise with a new narrative direction and a host of new features designed to redefine the franchise.

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SnakePlissken1853d ago

Game is a solid 10 through and through! I still think TLOU did not deserve a 10 though.

carlingtat1853d ago

GtaV is a 9, 9.5 at most. Has its flaws that doesnt make it a 10. Also im guessing this review was supposed to be 9.5/10 not 9.5/100

Cat1852d ago

Yes - just fixed the score.

SnakePlissken1850d ago

Well considering majority of the sites are giving it 10s, you are wrong there. Its your opinion, not fact. Game has no flaws. Incredible game, period!

carlingtat1845d ago

Same can be said of The Last Of Us for you