GameSpy: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Preview

GameSpy writes: "Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is a sequel to the GameCube's well-received Tales of Symphonia which takes place roughly two years following the events of the first game. It follows two protagonists, Marta and Emil, who have vowed vengeance on the previous game's hero Lloyd Irving. It seems that Lloyd killed Emil's family and Emil is understandably broken up about the whole situation, but things may not be as they appear and the mystery that engulfs Marta and Emil is sure to contain a plot twist or two."

-Huge monster-catching component
-Helpful Cat Village
-No tacked-on gimmicky Wii controls

-Wait, the main character from the last game is a ruthless murderer now?

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PS360WII3889d ago

23-30 hours if you aren't a completionist. I guess that's okay. Nice they are tacking on waggle motions for the heck of it. I read in another one that you'll use the pointer for the map to select where you go but I'm not sure what else.