Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks About Expanding PlayStation Cloud Services to PC and Other Devices

The first stage of the deployment of PlayStation’s cloud services will happen in 2014 by streaming PS3 games to the PS4 in North America, but Sony is thinking much bigger, as explained by SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida

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gamernova2829d ago

I don't know about other PC gamers but Ipersonally welcome all things Sony. If you guys wanna throw a PC version of last of us I wouldn't complain haha

Lboogieskells2829d ago

"Game over, Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip Flip!"

ms142829d ago

Microsoft has its own cloud servers, don't you think they could offer the same with Xbox. I also remember reading the leaked Xbox roadmap which described Xbox as a service to any device be it tablet, phone, pc or television.

RytGear2829d ago

But Sony have the true Ace with Gaikai, none of this would be possible without it.

ShowanW2829d ago

Gaikai does NOT compare to Azure. Gaikai is good for what it is now. But Sony is going to be spending years to fully flesh it out
But the number of Gaikai servers pale in comparison to Azure Servers. There are about 100K -200K Gaikai servers worldwide. Azure has 300K dedicated server for the new Xbox Live alone. And Azure as a whole has MILLIONS of servers all over the world.

Sony is on the right path. But getting a server farms up and running and strategically located takes YEARS & Lots of $$$.

Look at this way, Amazon, Google,Open Rack, Microsoft have spent Billions just getting up a Server Farm in one region. Now multiply that by world wide...

dantesparda2829d ago

How many of those so called 300k are virtual?

rainslacker2829d ago

While you make a valid point, Showan as well, it comes down to perception. Cloud is a marketing term, and the average non-hardcore gamer probably couldn't care less about it. We go on about it being gamers, and probably following it a lot more, but perception is going to be that both companies have cloud computing. In the end it will come down to, what one can do the other can, because perception is all that matters to most people.

Gaikai can theoretically do whatever Azure can in terms of delivering/facilitating game content. We have no idea how Sony has expanded on it, or even if they have. Sony may shock a lot of people when they offer the same thing MS does, although likely with less distribution. Again though, in the end, most people will be oblivious to that, and like with Azure, will become frustrated when their internet isn't the pristine, super-fast, lag free pot of awesome that everyone on here seems to think exists in the world.

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