GameInformer- Five Things We Learned Playing Deep Down

GI:Capcom and SCE Studio Japan’s next-gen dungeon crawler, Deep Down, received a good deal of attention when it was shown off during last February’s PlayStation event. The game appeared to be a Dark Soul’s-esque dark fantasy game, bringing memories of Capcom’s challenging Dragon’s Dogma to mind. Capcom is remaining quiet about a Western release for the PlayStation 4 title, but after a hands-on session with the game at the Tokyo Game Show, we’re hoping the publisher confirms a stateside release soon.

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FITgamer2831d ago

Hope this game gets a global release. The four player co-op would be awesome.

sigfredod2831d ago

i´m pretty sure this game will be release on the western really soon, having in consideration that was shown first on pre E3 conference that is focus on the western market

JunioRS1012831d ago

Deep Down better come to the States!

I want to slay that dragon!

Seriously, this game's characters have incredible animations. The dragon moves sooo smoothly! And the fire is just... It's just nice.

Ron_Danger2831d ago

In case people want to know what you're talking about:

iiwii2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

This longer video shows a lot of the motion of characters. Of course, pick the HD stream if you can, it will look better. There is a bit of the multiplayer in the last 5 minutes of this video:

Another one that is not quite as dark, but shot from behind the gamer. You can still see some very nice textures and animations. Those ogres have flesh that looks real.

And after watching this one, I am hoping it comes to the US too:

Sadist32831d ago

Maybe I'll get excited if it comes to the states if they do something about that combat. Walk, stab, stab, stab, walk, stab doesn't appeal to me at all. Maybe my girlfriend would like that since its so easy to do

Ron_Danger2831d ago

One thing I can't wait for is all the complainers to realize that the "stab stab stab" video is pre-alpha with one weapon and one suit of armor. It's not like it's a game that's 2 months from release. There's gonna be more weapons and armor and classes.

AllyBhoy822831d ago

Why refer your girlfriend as 'it' ;)