GameSpy: Afro Samurai Preview

GameSpy writes: "Since its initial unveiling a year ago, Afro Samurai has been shrouded in secrecy. Namco-Bandai Games threw off the cloak yesterday at its spring press event, giving us a good look at what the production team has been working on since last year. Although we couldn't get hands-on with it, the title looks like it should satisfy both fans of the anime and those of indiscriminate bloodletting alike.

Namco Bandai was quick to point out mid-presentation that Samurai marks a first for the publisher: it's a big title being developed outside of Japan. The California-based development team couldn't stop gushing about its pride in the title. "Afro Samurai," as both manga and TV series, has an interesting fusion of anime style, hip-hop flavor, and a smidgen of steampunk-like technology. From an aesthetic perspective, it appears that Team Afro has plenty to be proud of, since Samurai really captures the look and feel of its license. The team gave some vague details regarding music and how it affects the experience; somehow, The RZA's score will have something to do with gameplay. Hopefully it's not as contrived as a similar-sounding feature in Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked was."

-Art design really captures the source material well
-Cel-shaded look suits the game

-No hands-on occasional frame-rate dips
-How will hacking and slashing stay fresh for hours

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