GameSpy: Soulcalibur IV Preview

GameSpy writes: "Although yesterday's Namco Bandai event was loaded with a few big announcements, few had the impact of Soulcalibur IV. First, the publisher announced that the highly anticipated fighting sequel will come out in North America on July 29th. Second, it unveiled a Limited Edition release, which will come in a tin box with a console-specific T-shirt, art book, tournament supplies (bracket posters, etc.), and exclusive downloadable content. Finally, Namco unveiled a hot new trailer that highlights the game's new fighters, and of course, the bonus "Star Wars" characters who will be burning some souls with the usual suspects. Afterwards, we played a new build of the game with some fairly limited roster options. Nevertheless, we immensely enjoyed what we played."

-Gameplay feels smooth and familiar, yet refined
-Addition of Soul and Armor Gauges could change rules of engagement for the better

-Limited character roster to sample in demo
-Not sure where the series is going with some female combatants

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