GTA V PC Release Date Leaked - Coming Late November/Early December

GTA V PC Release Date has just been revealed by multiple sources. Both dates lie within the Late November/Early December timeframe. However even though it is probably accurate, since this is not an official Rockstar announcement - take it with a grain of salt.

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xharrypotterx3042d ago

Whose surprised? cause i sure aint.

vishmarx3042d ago

pc elites are going crazy

Lior3042d ago

The definitive version is coming soon

President3042d ago

What a stupid title for a news, it misses a "?" These are place holder dates.

Razputin3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

I'm not going crazy. Now I don't have to waste $60 now to play a great game looking horribly.

Oh crap, I didn't even read the article completely lol. I thought it was coming out next year. But I highly doubt its coming out this year though. I can only hope, that would be amazing, I guess I'll hold on buying a replacement PS3 or buying it on Xbox360.

ChrisW3041d ago


Hell yeah! It's hard knowing that I can either play the game now, or wait a couple months and play a superior and highly moddable version for the first time through.

The excitement is making me giddy!!

Kleptic3041d ago

^if you're on the fence about it, i'd just buy it for either console now and get it done...

Personally, and it was the same with GTAIV...GTA V isn't some game that is going to be drastically better with higher res visuals...I'm over 10 hours in and its smooth enough that you don't really notice...the controls are very CLEARLY built fundamentally for a controller...and its easily the single best looking open world game on consoles to date...

I have a PC that could run it fine (after a few weeks of patching, that is...we're all aware of the mess it'll be when it first releases on PC)...but, unlike certain shooters and other games that are drastically superior on PC...this is very much a console game...and is optimized and smooth enough to the point where i just don't see the benefit in waiting...

to each their own, and i agree about the modding part...if you're in to that...but my experience with the PS3 version has been absolutely i'm very glad i didn't wait around for 2 months or so for the PC version...which given the games design and only going to look better, but not play any differently...

and to those PC guys worried about visuals...just get a few hours in on the console version and pay attention during Trevor's drive from the desert back to los santos...the thunderstorm, console or not, will go down as one of the single best visual moments i've come across in any game to matter what platform...its simply incredible...

Murad3041d ago

Crazy, not so much. Excited, hell yes I am. The game is going to be awesome and the perfect chance for me to spend 60 bucks and play during my ENTIRE WINTER BREAK!!!!!!!! :D :D :D , and who said we can't have good things in life.

P0werVR3041d ago

1080p 60fps here we come!


steve30x3041d ago

I'm not a PC elite and I really hope this is true. I love playing GTA V on my Xbox 360 but I would much prefer it on PC.

Perjoss3041d ago

"The definitive version is coming soon"

If its anything like GTA IV it will be far from the definitive version. I just re installed it the other day after I bought a new gtx 780 and it runs at under 20 frames per second. I wish I knew a way to sort it out as I'd love to go back to it after I finish V on console.

3041d ago
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ATi_Elite3042d ago

Oh man I was expecting a 6 to 8 month wait but this is rather SOON.

X-Rebirth is coming out in November so I'm gonna be busy with that and GTAV.

Let the GTAV modding begin!!!

IceKoldKilla3041d ago

You're thinking of modding already? DAMN! Why don't you play the game first and try to get 100% THEN go download or make mods. Maybe you should make your own game so you don't have to mod, since it'll have everything you ever wished for in a game (just kidding).

Xristo3041d ago


Yukicore3041d ago

I will go through the story at least twice and then start thinking about modding.

I've played through at least 2 times every GTA on home platforms since San Andreas. I'm pretty sure it won't end with this one.

DeadlyFire3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

I believe it is so soon for PC version because it makes porting it to PS4/1BX so much easier for them. Only reason I can think of for it being released so soon. Rockstar usually delays the heck out of it.

Feralkitsune3041d ago

No idea where you guys get the idea that modding will be easy. It was a hassle in GTA IV, and wasn't really worth it. And before you even mention ENBs, those are just Direct X overlays. Not enough to consider actual modding. And they don't do much for modern PC games considering most modern games aren't on shitty DX9 on PC anymore. So, we don't need extra stuff to enable SSAO, and improve the lighting in games.

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yeahokchief3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

You guys who haven't played it yet are really screwing yourselves over.

This is easily the best game I've ever played. Ever. In like 30 years of gaming. Best story. Best gameplay. Best mechanics. Best graphics. Everything got blasted up a notch.

I have a pretty diverse selection of friends who i've met over numerous titles and i have never seen so many people all playing 1 game at once. Everyone's loving it. Nothing but GTA.

You guys have no idea what you're missing. The story doesn't feel disjointed whatsoever like previous GTA game's missions. It feels so natural and real. If it didn't say mission complete, youd have a hard time telling there were even missions as opposed to one big crazy awesome interactive pulp fiction style story. Only it puts pulp fiction to shame too with everything that happens.

Switching between the characters is brilliant. It never felt like such a real world like this. It gives them soooo much more freedom with the story and the missions to let you do some really, really crazy and imaginative stuff.

THe writing has never been better. I cannot count the number of times that I have laughed out loud from this game. Previous games maybe made me laugh out loud a few times, but not like this one. This one has my kind of humor. They've never had so much to draw from in making fun of US culture. I think this is the peak of GTA. If they do another one, it's going to be ridiculously hard to top this.

I think their best bet is to tackle a new location after this. The satire in this game can't be touched.

And i loved the talking dog. The talking dog mission was awesome.

yeahokchief3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

The only complaint I could possibly come up with is that it's too easy to avoid getting busted by the cops.

I've been killed by them, but they haven't caught me a single time yet. This is partially due to the improved police chase mechanics, but i'd still prefer just a tiny bit more danger from cops chasing me. I'm not sure how you do that.

Still this probably makes it more realistic. i mean look recently at the cops who shot a 50 year old lady and a 30 year old girl in the butt trying to arrest someone. You're more likely to get shot by a cop than arrested by one lately.

The cops are a bit easier to evade. Although this could be because most of the vehicles in the starting area are all higher end sports cars. When you are forced to use slower vehicles, it can still be a bit challenging.

Overall the new mechanic is definitely an upgrade though. It's more realistic. You can like hide out in an alley or under a bridge by some homeless people while their search dies off. i just wish i'd been busted at least once by now. maybe in the next game, they can start having undercover cops.

adorie3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

I'd rather wait.Besides,some of us don't own any consoles, because some of us decided to sell our last gen gear and put that cash towards next-gen.

Like I did. :D

I was always going to wait for the PC version, and if this is indeed true, oh-boy!
Definitely not screwing myself over, I have done well to avoid spoilers and such, so the game is going to be fresh to me, no matter what.

Game on, my fellow master race. Ga----me o---n!

AK73041d ago

Okay, so let me get this straight. They pumped 265$ million into this game making it the most expensive game in history, now you need to tell me why I should play this game in 720p resolution, not even constant 30 fps, texture pop-ins and awful graphics. Nah, I think YOU screwed yourself over, are you really that impatience that you can't wait? I'm not missing anything, it's not like the game is going to run away.

chucklefuk3038d ago

Play this piece of art on a 7-8 year old console? No thanks, I have more patience than that.
The early bird gets the worm, but the early worm gets the bird.

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KiLLeRCLaM3042d ago ShowReplies(1)
showtimefolks3041d ago

but if its coming to pc than you can bet it will come to ps4/xbox one, porting from pc to next gen consoles is super easy

i still believe we will hear RS announce GTA 5 next gen and pc in 60-90 days, by than most people who want to play it would have, and many will buy it again so double sales

last time i got 31 disagrees for saying it will happen sooner rather than later, it makes just too much sense for RS to not do it

PS4 was announced in February and xbox one in may, but RS must have known about both even before than, so work could have started back than so now let's say RS started in march to port the game over to pc,ps4 and xbox one. so from march till december that's 8-9 months so that's my guess

late this year to very early next year

also we know take-two expect a lot out of their fiscal year, so double dip. charge full price now and than again for same game for next gen

ooquis3041d ago

Well you pc gamer's haven't experienced Red dead redemption so......think you deserve GTA V. well i'm off to play GTA V "now".tata

hellzsupernova3041d ago

That is good if true. Cannot wait to see what the mod people come up with.
Also hoping for playstation 4 version thanks rockstar

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grailly3042d ago

I don't believe it. It seems a bit early

PeaSFor3042d ago

i dont expect GTAV to be on pc before late spring2014.

xharrypotterx3042d ago

It has been listed on many sites. Chances are really slim that they are wrong :P still i agree chances are there,however negligible.

clmstr3042d ago

Early? R* have already made 1 billion dollars with console versions and now they can release the PC version without a fear of losing tons of money.

adorie3041d ago

The logic is powerful in this comment. +1

LOGICWINS3042d ago

I guess Rockstar realizes that PC gamers will hold out for the PC version regardless. Better for R* to get their money this year as opposed to 2014.

showtimefolks3041d ago

believe it, its gonna happen a lot sooner than people expect

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hulk_bash19873042d ago

Good for PC only gamers. This gem is really a game everyone, age appropriate, should enjoy.

KazHiraiFTW3042d ago

Should wait for reviews first though. The GTA4 port was one of the worst ever. Max Payne 3 was one of the best ports though so maybe R* has learned their lesson.

awi59513042d ago

Yeah i had 3 graphics cards and GTA 4 ran choppy lol. Gay tony ran fine thought so i guess they tried to program in better.

Murad3041d ago

Whoever keeps disagreeing obviously hasn't played GTA 4 on PC when it came out. I'm running a GTX 670 and even then, it's giving my PC a real workout (but then again), I'm running around 10 mods on it :P

Eyeco3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Agreed I really hope PC gamers have a blast playing It as I am having, hands down one of the best games I've played years, then we can see the crazy mods they come out with

yeahokchief3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

I can't believe half the stuff in GTA V! So much naked ass and dick. Not to mention the social commentary really pushing the line.

So happy it wasn't toned down whatsoever. More like tonedup and hyper injected. Trevor is such a huge part of this game. Hands down their single best character to date. Nobody else comes close. I just can't wait for the next line of crazy to come out of his mouth.

DoctorJones3041d ago

Yeah Trevor's excellent, he's hilarious. I switched over to him yesterday and he was listening to a busker and then beat the busker up with his own guitar :P

He's a complete nutcase lol.

Axonometri3042d ago

I would not believe it in such a short period either, but having made the initial money GTA V has... I wonder if it would not be good to release it sooner than later.

KonsoruMasuta3042d ago

Seems kind of early. Just hope it isn't poorly optimized like IV.

iNcRiMiNaTi3042d ago

I hope not either, I thought Max Payne 3 ran pretty well but then again that isn't an open world game

Angeljuice3041d ago

Like I've said before, the lead platforms were PC and next gen consoles, gonna be released on all three around launch. No port required.

KAEM73039d ago

Oh really?! I haven't heard that before. I'm genuinely interested why you think that or where you got that info from?