Is GTA V the Game of the Year?

Is GTA V the Game of the Year?

It has been out for three days now and gamers have been pouring hours into exploring the filly realised and active world of Los Santos.

So what do people think… is GTA V the Game of the Year 2013?

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gaelic_laoch2764d ago

Considering 360 owners have not been able to play TLOU then it is a shoe in for GOTY!

ILive2764d ago

I would give it to the last of us as well because its not only a new IP, but an amazing one at that. GTA V is an amazing game too, and it qualifies as a runner up along with infinite, tomb raider, and beyond based on what I've played of it.

Blastoise2764d ago

I've been saying for ages GOTY this year will be between GTA V and The Last of us.

I genuinely don't think Bioshock Infinite will get a look in, nor does it deserve it.

ILive2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I say infinite because of the ending and gameplay can get quite intense at points in the game. The game tries to hard to set it self apart though in terms of the certain elements presented within the story. At this juncture, I will give goty to last of us. That might change, however, since there are still many games to be released before the end of the year. Who knows, beyond might take this spot from last of us.

Lovable2764d ago

Not sure how 360 owners not being able to play TLOU makes any difference...

There are tons of great games this year. Not just good, but GREAT! It's gonna be a tough year to pick which one will be GOTY. I personally pick TLOU, but I can totally understand if GTAV wins the award.

gaelic_laoch2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

"Not sure how 360 owners not being able to play TLOU makes any difference..."

Less gamers making a fuss online that TLOU should win surely counts also many sites run polls.

I would pick TLOU for the main reason that it moved me deeply. GTAV has perfected its genre but has not left me as emotional drained in the way TLOU had each session playing it!

Lovable2764d ago

Polls can only do you so much. At the end of the day, a good game is still different from a great game.

ZombieKiller2764d ago

I never thought I'd say this but I'm pro GTA this year. I love GTA played and own 'em all. I thought going into this, that this game was another GTA and that's it. Holy shit was I wrong. I absolutely LOVE this game....and for all different reason then previous entries. The voyerism during character switching, the OUTSTANDING relationships between characters and the character development are all incredible. The graphics look almost real at times, then after all that, the lack of loading, the long story and everything else, you realize the scale of the map. Don't believe me? Get in a blimp and get as high as possible. This game, by far, is nothing short of simply AMAZING and deserves every bit of the GOTY title....and that's BEFORE exploring online, which is where the fun REALLY starts for me!
May god have mercy on my soul as I find this life boring the second I leave San Andreas :-)

carlingtat2764d ago

Seeing how many GOTY awards are voted by journalists not sure how it would matter.

UnHoly_One2764d ago

I'm a 360 owner and I've played the Last of Us.

At this stage of the game, more people own both consoles than you think.

That said, this has nothing to do with the actual topic and you are just trolling like usual.

gaelic_laoch2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

"you are just trolling like usual."

Comments like this is exactly why I do not take half of the posters on here serious, when you try get into a serious discussion the turd starts flying with accusations of trolling so in my case why not just be liberal with my points of view and comments.

Just try to mature up and except others can have a serious opinion that may not be to you own personal liking and if it does not suit you then say nothing at all!

nugnugs2764d ago

I don't think gaelic was trolling, I just think he meant GTA is available or better known to more people?

LaChance2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

GTA V does more for gaming than TLOU hands down. So GTA V all the way.

You have enough polish in GTA V to make 20 TLOU games.

I'm not this is question you should ask on N4G because they would give it to a game like MAG if they could.

USMC432764d ago

GTA may be more well-known in our society among casuals, but explain your argument. The question isn't what game does more for gaming, it's what's the better game.

"You have enough polish in GTA V to make 20 TLOU games."

That's just ridiculous. In no way does GTA have better polish than TLOU...IN ANY CATEGORY.

Blastoise2764d ago

You don't even try to hide the fact you're a troll anymore lol


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abusador2764d ago

I am currently playing GTA5 and am not engulfed in the hype and hated gta4. I think i just dont like the repetitive nature of open world games with their missions and sub missions. However i do find GTA5 more fun that GTA4 but imo TLOU is my GOTY easily. Ive had more fun and was more engulfed with TLOU more than any other game this year.

Sizzon2764d ago

Yeah, I think it will win many GOTY awards, so deserving it. Rockstar did it again.

But I hope The Last of Us get's some GOTY awards aswell, Naughty Dog did an amazing job and overall have really outdone themselves this generation with both Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us.

But you can easily say that about Rockstar also, Red Dead Redemption is and was amazing. GTA IV was fun to play through the story, but couldn't do so much after you finished it besides online.

JAM_brz2764d ago

Nope, it's a great game, but the GOTY goes to TLoU imo.

KingDon2764d ago

What's up with all the hate for BioShock Infinite?

I enjoyed that more than TLOU.

starchild2764d ago

Don't worry about it. Bioshock Infinite received amazing reviews and it's just getting the hipster backlash that most successful games get. I think it is an outstanding game.

testsubject2764d ago

It's N4G,if you choose any game over tlou you're opinion is invalid and disagreed on,that being said Bioshock Infinite is amazing and GOTY for me.

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