Destructoid- Hands-on with the new PS Vita, remote play PS4 test

DT:Forget about that short time I had with a retail demo unit last week. This week at Tokyo Game Show I've played with the new Vita multiple times with several different games. I've put it through its paces as best as I could here. I've even tested PS4-to-Vita remote play.

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Mikelarry2828d ago

glad to hear the remote play function is not just smoke and mirrors but we will still have to wait for real world test. this has been one function i have been waiting for to work as well as Sony advertises it and with remote play built in mind while developing the ps4 i have high hopes sony might have now cracked this.

PrimeGrime2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

What do you mean real world test?

Have you used Remote Play on the PS3? Because it works perfectly, I think that is enough real world experience for me to know the PS4 is going to be able to use Remote Play better. Considering this time it was actually built into the device let alone it was built alongside the Vita.

The functionality wasn't even meant to work with the PS3 really but Sony still managed to get it to work flawlessly, now all the games that supported it were a different story because there weren't many but as far as it working. There hasn't been a problem on my end with the PS3.

I have used Remote Play at home and in other places I traveled without any issues. So I know the PS4's Remote Play is going to work fine if not way better. This isn't even including Gaikai and how that will improve such features as well.

Thehyph2828d ago

My experience was like that video IGN had just before Vita launched:

Same network: Works reasonably well. Playable.
Different network: Unplayable.

Even if more games were able to use the feature on ps3, I still wouldn't be using it. I'm VERY glad that it seems to be majorly improved for ps4.

Mikelarry2827d ago

@ replies

my experience with remote play on my ps3 has been really spotty, where it works today and the next day decides not to work even tho i have the right ports opened on my router. if there's something else i should be doing i will appreciate your input

what i mean by real world test is currently its Sony showing it in a controlled environment when users finally get it and put it through it paces and see how well it copes

ShinMaster2827d ago

PS4-Vita Remote Play is supposed to be better than it was with PS3.

slivery2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

So your experience basically lies in what IGN tells you? No offense man but seriously the question was have you used it on the PS3 because if you had, just like it was said you would know it works fine.

I can vouch for it also, I use it outside on a different network at work and out of town all the time and it works perfectly. You just basically said you have never even used it "still wouldn't be using it" So how do you know it works that way then? You are making claims as if it won't work well because of what IGN told you?

To say it even works reasonably well, playable at home just shows you how full of shit IGN can be at times because if its in the home, there is literally no lag or anything at all to say it works reasonably well, when it works perfectly well. I don't even notice lag being outside of my homes network in another city with the PS3 using remote play.

I'll take multiple peoples word for it who have have actually used the feature rather than just IGN's. They have talked so much nonsense about the Vita anyway even saying at one time a Kindle Fire HD was better than the PS Vita.. So yea I am sure IGN knows all.

assassin2k2827d ago

It does work well I agree. Toky Jungle was awesome. For some reason PSOne classics looked way more compressed though. I know they are standard def but the compression made the thing look blurry. The lag on pixeljunk eden was also terrible, but I have every faith in Sony. They bought gakai for a reason, and the very reason is this. Plus the Vita was designed with the PS4 in mind so I doubt there will be issues. My only worry is how much they will need to compress the image. We all know PS4 games will look fantastic, though it would be a shame for compression to make things look less clear on the Vita screen given that Sony has already said remote play will stream at Vita native res.

abusador2828d ago

Ahhhhhh this is hands down imo the best feature any console is touting!!!!! Omg cant wait to play SF and Witcher 3 on my vita when im ready to go to bed!!!!!!!!

viveks862828d ago

Excellent! If this is how it performs right now, it can only improve from here. May be they will improve video compression artifacts as well.

C-Thunder2827d ago

I'll likely use this a lot at home when my wife wants to watch TV. Having said that, I'm guessing come launch, we're going to see a ton of articles complaining about how this functions on slow wifi or 3g connections.

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