Articles Register Sony: "We're seeing the birth of a new wave of next-gen developers"

If you're not an independent developer there's a chance you might not have heard the name Shahid Ahmad until he took the stage at this year's Sony Gamescom press conference.

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Ame_No_Shiryuu3042d ago

Indie Developer right now.., the New Naughty Dogs in the future...^_^

nosferatuzodd3042d ago

true lot of people doesn't see it that way look at that game company when Sony give them a chance in 2006 everyone was laughing now look at what they've created flow flower journey and all those great games

fsfsxii3042d ago

Sony is in the dev empire business.

abusador3042d ago

Bring it on!!!!! I remember studios like Media Molecule and ND just starting up and look at them now!!!! We need new breathe, life and vision in this industry. Developers like Media Molecule have brought me and my son hours upon hours of pure gaming bliss. Journey was also a beautiful game i enjoyed amongst others!!!!!

strigoi8143042d ago

All developers start as i salute every people who provide money and time to give this indies their time to show up and shine

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