The odd math of Xbox One's profiles and controllers

Xbox One planning team member Albert Penello told Polygon during a TGS 2013 demo session that the likelihood of an eight-player game ever being developed is pretty low.

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Godmars2902447d ago

Think they only did to one-up the seven controllers of the PS3. Thought that was likely for Bluetooth devices.

Goku7812447d ago

Xbox, buy one at your own risk.

BG115792447d ago

Is this going to be a new meme?

Goku7812447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

RROD, the name Xbox one, DRM 180, forced kinnect implementation though widely disliked, bad public relations, misinformation spreading, majority gaming population and development community agree the other system is more powerful, $100 more yet less powerful, developers struggling with late drivers, making claims of not knowing developers that worked on high profile titles, stand system on side at your own risk, the list goes on and on with this company. Xbox one, buy one at your own risk.

schubacca2447d ago

Always fun when people quote with the sole purpose of mischaracterizing the words spoken....

MS is evil though.... We should never forget this Truth.

bahabeast2447d ago

agreed microsoft only look to drain your pockets and this will get you one way or another once you join that camp.


Man......what are you talking about?? Both of these companies want to drain your pockets. You would be silly to think otherwise. They both want your money, its a corporation!

XboxFun2447d ago

And what is Sony looking to do? Drain your loved filled heart?

This type of thinking needs to stop. Both companies are doing the exact same thing with their consoles.

mickaelmc2447d ago

I have more hate for Microsoft than is probably healthy.

tigertom532447d ago

All I can say when I got to try my hands on the controller with Forza 5 was amazing.....