TGS: Will the Jump to HD Make Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Better? | IGN

IGN: "After playing the introductory sequence to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD here at Tokyo Game Show, it quickly became clear that it’s an adventure better suited to the big screen. The 3DS original wasn’t a good game, and it’s doubtful that an HD port can or will rectify many of the original version’s glaring problems, but it certainly represents a step in the right direction."

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Summons752827d ago

unless the rebuild the fighting mechanics....probably not. That was the biggest negative about MOF, tried to make it like LOS but they were just clunky. Game was great besides that nothing else to really make better.

Baka-akaB2827d ago

I dunno why the subject begets that much disagrees . Mirror of fate , bare the shared universe and story IS NOT lord of Shadows nor near it in quality .

it's still a decent game , but pale too much compared to previous handheld Castlevania games , the default home of castlevania till recent with LoS .

It was clunky and unchallenging . It being prettier in HD wont suddenly change that .

DivineAssault 2827d ago

No it wont... The game wasnt terrible from what ive read tho.. Its going to be nice to play this before LOS 2 releases.. I know its not the traditional 2D castlevania i love so dearly but it cant be that terrible either..

Venox20082827d ago

I really liked MOF, yes combat was little bit off, but game is really worth a try