Why the Wii U is Probably More Capable Than You Think It Is

Iran White of HDWarriors writes:

Manfred Linzner of Shin’en had been kind enough to supply us with quite a bit of insight into the Wii U’s capability, and has done so once again.

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iplay1up23722d ago

Good to see some explanation on what sets Wii U apart from past gen.

abzdine3722d ago

the question is not if it's capable, the question is WHERE ARE THE GAMES?

TruthbeTold3722d ago

The Wii U did have some dry times, but if you still think it has no games, then you really aren't paying enough attention. The flood gate is being opened.

iplay1up23722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Dude, that statement held up 6 months ago, but not now.
Splinter Cell, and Rayman I am playing on Wii U, because the Wii U has the "definitive" Versions

Monster Hunter Ultimate
Pikmin 3
Wonerful 101
Wind Waker HD
Trine Directors cut (again "definitive" version)
Zombi U
Nano Assault
BOPS 2 (Wii U version with gamepad is AMAZING)
All of these score 8.5 or higher and are out now. Of coarse There are a TON more out now and At least 6 more AAA titles coming before Christmas. So if you can't find any Wii U games to play your not looking very hard.

Also there are some really GREAT Wii games you can play in Wii U and the Wii U does upscale to 1080p thanks to its backwards compatibility.

WiiUsauce3722d ago

We're getting a major first party game release every month all the way into next year.

starchild3722d ago

The Wii U is definitely more powerful than the PS3 or 360. It's up to the developers to use that power. The Wii U is improving in that area though.

chente00253722d ago

if this would have been an article saying the wii u is weak there would have been over 500 hundred comments already.
where is Lol_WUT,abortmission or madmen? Lol

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badz1493722d ago

it's been almost a year and I think this "more capable" kinda of explanation is way past its time already! the damn thing is already on the market, so if its games can't speak volume, tech talks mean shit!

AKR3722d ago

Compare PS3 launch titles like: NBA 2K7, Need for Speed: Carbon, Tony Hawk's Project 8, Resistance: Fall of Man, and Call of Duty 3 to recent titles like: Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, GTA: V, and Battlefield 4.

Judging a system's tech within the first year of it's lifecycle is stupid. It takes time for developers to get the full concept of what they're working with and even longer to properly use it. But nonetheless - we're already seeing titles which show that they ARE getting used to it and are starting to use it. Games like: Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Wind Waker HD, X, Bayonetta 2, Trine 2, Rayman Legends, Nano Assault NEO and Need for Speed: Most Wanted U - come to mind.

Chrischi19883721d ago

Ehhh no?

You fanboys are all the same. Complaining about the hardware the whole time. Nintendo itself said a long time ago that it is very capable hardware. Now a dev states that, too. Now it is too late for that^^

Always complaining. Not owning one, but complaining the shit out of it. At least one good thing, you let Nintendo consume your life with the hate you put into this.

slivery3722d ago

Sorry Shin'en make some bigger games then you can talk about power. About the only good looking games you made was Nano Assault and that definitely it not a game to be bragging about.

Not saying the Wii U isn't capable just saying coming from Shin'en it doesn't mean much.

I am all for developers giving some insight but when you are a developer who barely even has games to push a system anyway it is kind of pointless.

More so some of the games Shin'en have made were really crappy.


Neonridr3722d ago

Shin'en even went on to state that Nano Assault Neo was using 1 of the Wii U's 3 cores. Barely even making the system sweat, and look at how good the game looked visually. Imagine if they put the system through its paces.

Don't be ignorant now, I'd love you to do better.

browngamer413722d ago

Apparently you have not seen their previous efforts on Wiiware like Jet Rocket, Art of balance, and Fast league racing all of which look better than 90 percent of Wii retail titles and all done within a barbaric 40 mb limit..I think these guys know their sh*t..

jjdoyle3721d ago

Jett Rocket looked greats for Wiiware.

XisThatKid3721d ago

LOL these articles are so cute. look at Ninty.

emu-key3721d ago

Translation: Can't say anything smart or counter argue, must insult.

XisThatKid3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Every comment doesn't have to be this earth shattering revelation. It's just the comment section dude. Less than a quarter of this community is ever going to see this article.

Chrischi19883721d ago

He is an Indie, what do you expect for games, this is about money and time. A lot of Indies where from real good studios before and left for their own vision of gaming, doesnt make their knowledge any worse. At least it is a dev who is not completely biased towards nintendo. For real now, who does even believe a word, what EA says about the hardware? I mean, why would EA want origin, console wide on the Wii U, if Wii U is that bad? EA is just a small kid who didnt get his lolly from nintendo and that is why EA us an ass to nintendo right now, not because of crappy hardware, like they always want it to be.

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ape0073722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

i saw some bayonetta 2 footage recently, it lookes STUNNING

so the gfx issues in the wiiu is greatly over exaggerate, yes it's not as powerful as nextgen systems but it will pump out great gfx, no where near as outdated as wii compared to 360/ps3/pc

bring on DK B!TCH

thomasmiller3722d ago

it's about time! with bayonetta 2 and monolith x, no matter what the trolls say, wii u is next gen, but what ever helps the babies sleep at night!

tehpees33722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

You just have to see Need for Speed to see there is a difference. It might not truly show it now but it will in time. Take a look back at PS3 games that came out in the early days and you'll see there is a very big difference compared to games back then.

Compare the Last of us to many games back then and you'll see just how much PS3 started to shine in the later years.